Netflix: these are the unmissable premieres for June

June is coming and these will be the 10 Netflix releases for this month.

Frame from 'Fuller House' and frame from 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'.

Find out what the premieres are for June on the streaming platform. / Photos: youtube.com/Netflix, youtube.com/E Entertainment

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As it is customary at the end of the month, we bring you the premieres that Neftlix has guarded and brings for the month of June. Some are original productions and others are modern television classics that reach the streaming platform. Here is what you cannot miss.

1. Keeping up with the Kardashians

Release date: June 1

Genre: reality show, celebrity

Netflix Official Synopsis: Sisters Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé, and the other members of the Karadashian clan date celebrities and rub shoulders with Los Angeles high society. This famous reality arrives on Netflix from its first season.

2. Queer Eye, season 5

Release date: June 5

Genre: reality show, optimistic

Netflix Official Synopsis: The Fab 5 travel to historic Philadelphia to transform a new group of everyday heroes: from a struggling DJ to a struggling dog groomer. The fifth season of make overs arrives under the gaze of these five characters.

3. The last days of the crime

Release date: June 5

Genre: film, suspense, dystopian

Netflix official synopsis: A robber joins a plan to deliver a final hysterical coup before the government triggers a signal that will alter minds and eliminate all criminal conduct.

4. The Little Hours

Release date: June 16

Genre: film, comedy, satire

Netflix official synopsis: The life of the convent changes unexpectedly when three unconventional nuns meet a new gardener who makes them fall into temptation. Based on a story from the Bocaccio Decameron.

5. Fuller House, more episodes

Release date: June 2

Genre: series, comedy, family

Netflix official synopsis: After the baby arrives, Jimmy and Steph dive headlong into the world of parenting, but not to despair: there are a few helpers around the house. More episodes of the final season of this remake of the television classic arrive.

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6. Rescuing Private Ryan

Release date: June 1

Genre: movie, melodrama, war

Netflix Official Synopsis: Eight soldiers risk their lives on German territory during World War II to search for a soldier and return him home. A modern classic that reaches the streaming platform.

7. I'm not here anymore

Release date: May 27 (today)

Genre: movie, cinema art, music

Netflix official synopsis: A terrible misunderstanding with a local gang pushes Ulises, the leader of a group of young people passionate about cumbia, to flee his country to stay alive.

8. The Wife

Release date: June 1

Genre: movie, drama

Netflix official synopsis: Her husband is about to receive a Nobel Prize and she, who has been his faithful wife for almost 40 years, accompanies him. The awaited moment awakens memories and reflections.

10. 5 bloods

Release date: June 12

Genre: movie, drama

Netflix Official Synopsis: They fought in Vietnam. Now they return for the remains of the head of their unit and the promise of a hidden treasure. Directed by Spike Lee.

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