The billionaires who started their lives in poverty

Not all of the wealthy had the best life chances

Jeff Bezos and Oprah Winfrey.

These millionaire entrepreneurs have great fortune even though they started their lives in poverty. / Photos: flickr.com/Steve Jurvetson, flickr.com/aphrodite-in-nyc

LatinAmerican Post | Ariel Cipolla

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The wealthy are in the limelight due to the global health and economic crisis of the coronavirus. According to Ámbito, the billionaires of the United States achieved even greater profits during this pandemic, since the technological actions of their brands were further increased by the blockage generated by the virus.

This situation generates different debates around the world about what should be done with all this money. For example, the specialized website of El Economista believes that a possible solution in Argentina would be for them to implement some "tax on great fortunes", which is proposed as a one-time donation, for all those with incomes greater than 3 million dollars.

Although not all the rich agree, there are others who know the difficulty of coping with great crises and are willing to collaborate with this situation. Therefore, we decided to prepare a list of those entrepreneurs with great wealth who , despite what is believed, started in poverty.

1. Ophah Winfrey

We start by talking about a woman who is considered a true "media magnate" and television star, due to her successful program known as The Oprah Winfrey Show, which allowed her to interview different celebrities and achieve a fortune of more than $ 2.9 billion.

However, she wasn't rich all her life. Rather, she had been born in a rural area of the Mississippi state, under the sole care of her single mother. Perhaps that is why, according to the Infobae media, she decided to make a donation of 12 million dollars to all the cities in which she once lived, since she understands how complex a crisis can be in the most vulnerable sectors.

2. Amancio Ortega

The creator of one of the most famous clothing stores on the planet, the Spanish Amancio Ortega, did not make his fortune overnight. Currently, his textile empire is worth about $ 72.2 billion, although its history actually started at the lowest point.

Basically, we see that he started very humbly as a messenger in the La Maja haberdashery, a shop in La Coruña, where, after much work of sewing by hand for a very low price, he met all the people with whom he would later start his solo project.

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3. George Soros

With a possible fortune of about $ 24.2 billion, George Soros is a survivor of the Nazi occupation of Hungary during World War II. We could even say that his real name is Schwartz György, since he had to modify it to avoid persecution.

This man, who according to the La Razón website, considers that this pandemic could "bury the euro", was not always wealthy. In addition to his persecution, he had worked in his teens as a dishwasher and house painter to pay for his studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science, until he managed to make huge profits with his financial skills.

4. Jeff Bezos

One of the great beneficiaries of the coronavirus crisis. The founder and CEO of Amazon has an approximate net worth of $ 72.8 billion. In addition, according to the El País website, his website became a "refuge" to sell and buy in the midst of this crisis, so its success will only increase.

Despite this, he did not always have a life of wealth. This man had been born in the year 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with the name of Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen. Later, his family moved to Texas and began to work in a humble way, even for McDonald's, although later he knew how to see the enormous success of his varied store and conquered the market.