The 5 most expensive toys in the world

Let's see, in this case, the most expensive in history


Find out which are the most expensive toys in the world. / Photo: Pixabay

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Due to the world coronavirus crisis, many of the countries decided that classes should be interrupted . This makes kids stay at home to avoid infections, which entails a problem: free time, since many of them do not know what to do to have fun.

In this sense, many of them cannot attend a “community” diversion, since the exit from their houses is limited, which is why they must satisfy that need from home. For example, Télam's website comments that Argentina decided to launch JUGar, a national program to guarantee the right for children to have fun, although initially it will be virtual.

At the same time, ensuring that children can have fun at home comes at a cost, since money will have to be spent on their toys. To take it to an extreme, we decided to find out which are the most expensive toys in history, with really exorbitant prices due to the originality of each one of them.

1. Royal rattle

When we are little we are not too interested in what our favorite toys are made of . We simply measure them by their usefulness: if they amuse us, that will be perfect. However, families with a lot of purchasing power can afford other luxuries.

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This is the case of the little princess Carlota of Cambridge, who received on her first birthday a rattle made of diamonds, rubies and sapphires, which is valued at around 40,000 euros, according to the El País website. It may be beautiful, but is it worth the price?

2. Steiff teddy bear

This particular teddy bear is ideal for both boys and girls, although not everyone will be able to buy it, of course. Its current price is $ 193,000, there are about 125 units in the world.

Currently, its skin is made of pure gold and its eyes are made of sapphires and diamonds. Anyway, if you are a collector, you may be interested in having it solely for display.

3. Hot Wheels: Rear Loader Beach Bomb

Despite being small, measuring around 6 centimeters, this vehicle is a true collector's gem that can be priced at $ 150,000, given that it was a small scale vehicle inspired by a Kombi van.

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The Mattel toy line had discontinued it in 1969, so its value grew over time, according to what Teletrece's website comments. A fairly high price for a very small vehicle.

4. Rocket-Firing Boba Fett

Star Wars collectibles are often priced high as they are sought after by many collectors. Although they are also interesting toys to play with, as with this Boba Fett doll, one of the most iconic characters in the saga.

In this case, we are talking about a totally rare prototype doll, since it was unpainted and it was never produced on a large scale for security reasons, since it had a revolutionary system for "launching rockets". The site Hobbyconsolas considers it to have a current value of $ 80,000.

5. Barbie diamonds

The most famous doll in the world is one of the most coveted items by girls on the planet, but also a really interesting collector's item, as is the case with this majestic and luxurious model.

Here we mention a Barbie who has a necklace made of diamond, which became the most expensive in the world, after selling for $ 302,500 , according to El Mundo. So, after seeing all this, you will realize that investing in the fun of your children will surely be much cheaper than these collectibles.