3 brothers who have had to face each other in sport

For any athlete, no rival is easy, but when he is your brother, things can become more interesting .

Stephen Curry and Seth Curry

Different sports have seen sibling pairs face off in their competitions. / Photos: flickr.com/Keith Allison, Wikimedia - Frenchieinportland

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The chances of succeeding in a sport until reaching a professional level are not high, but having a brother competing in the same level is almost impossible.  The surprise is even greater if they both do it in the same discipline and coincide in some confrontation, which always ends up being a special match. Two such close relatives, who grew up together sharing the same taste for the same sports, are now rivals and in some cases only one can win and classify. These are 3 brothers that lived this. 


We go to the world of basketball and nothing less than the most important and competitive league in the world, the NBA. Stephen Curry, the American figure of the Golden States, one of the most winning teams in recent years, has coincided against his younger brother Seth Curry multiple times, but the most important was in a conference final in the 2019 season. According to Marca, Stephen attacks and makes points, Seth defends and prevents them, for this reason, Stephen came to declare amicably that his brother "is like a pet that chases you everywhere."

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In addition, Stephen said that "it was the most fun experience and I thought I had never played against him", he also assured that his parents lived it with a lot of nerves but that they were happy to see their children making history when playing with each other. Finally, the Golden States would take the series 4-0 and continue to the final against the Raptors, which they would lose 4-2.


When it comes to family duels in sports the sisters Serena and Venus Williams are surely the most popular case, since both have been successful almost simultaneously in women's tennis. Serena has 14 Grand Slam titles as well as various titles in other categories, for her part, Venus has raised Grand Slam trophies on 7 occasions, but beyond their individual achievements, both sisters have met in doubles, taking several important trophies, such as 2 Olympic medals and 12 Grand Slams, according to InfoDeportes.

Regarding clashes between them, the newspaper As reports that for May 2019 the Williamses met for the 31st time, of which Serena has won 19 times and Venus the remaining 12 victories, but without a doubt, it should be noted that together they make a relentless couple.


This time it is about football, with a rather peculiar case, since although they were both born in Berlin, Germany, they do not play for the same team. Because of discipline problems Kevin Prince Boateng resigned from the German team to play with Ghana thanks to the nationality of his father. For his part, Jerome Boateng continued as a German player. Kevin plays in an offensive position while Jerome is more defensive. The two have met in consecutive World Cups, when in South Africa 2010 they met in the group stage, in which both had a bad relationship due to a recent controversy by Kevin. That game the Boateng would face each other and Germany would take the victory 1 by 0, according to As.

Then in Brazil 2014 they met again in the group stage, this time the meeting would come at a more cordial moment between the brothers, in fact Kevin declared that "I cannot wait to face my brother in the World Cup". Again both would appear in the starting 11 of their teams in a match that ended 2-2, then Ghana would be eliminated in a group they shared with Portugal and the United States, while Germany would become world champion. Jerome has had more successes thanks to having played in important clubs such as Bayern München, with 7 Bundesliga, a Champions League, a World Cup and others, for his part, Kevin has a Spanish League, a Serie A among others , according to Football Transfers.