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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Still from Grey's Anatomy and Taylor Swift

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It is already Friday and we know that you want to be informed and updated for the weekend. This is why we bring you, as always, our weekly summary of relevant entertainment news so that you can discuss them with your acquaintances. Here they go.

Kim Kardashian pronounces on Kanye West


Una publicación compartida de Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) el

Kanye West has left his fans and haters confused in recent weeks. He announced his candidacy for the November 3 presidential election, held a strange rally in South Carolina where he spoke without a microphone and cried midway through his speech, and has trilled strange and confusing messages from his Twitter account.

Given this, he has received both hate and supportive messages. This week, his wife, celebrity Kim Kardashian, posted on her Instagram stories a message about Kanye West's state of mental health. He says he suffers from bipolar disorder, as the rapper and producer had previously said in multiple interviews, and that this can be very difficult for some to understand. She asks for understanding for her husband.


Coronavirus comes to Grey's Anatomy

Although the 17th season of the long-running series has not started shooting due to the health crisis, we already know what it is going to be about: the health crisis. That's right, the producers of Grey's Anatomy have decided to dedicate a season to the stories of the coronavirus.

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The writers are already meeting with doctors who tell their stories of the daily fight against the pandemic. This is the procedure that the writers of the series always do, but it is usually more humorous and full of curiosities than painful and realistic. Thus, the series will have to find a way for humor and romance to intersect with a serious tribute to the doctors who currently treat the virus.


Comic-Con at home has started!

Due to the health crisis, this great event of the entertainment industry had no choice but to go virtual. It is being carried out, then, for the first time, free and available to all regions. The panels will be done through YouTube and you can attend all the scheduled events from your home.

Comic-con at home started yesterday, Thursday, July 23 and will be running until Sunday, July 26, so you have a weekend plan. Schedule and connect to the events that interest you most.

Taylor Swift's surprise surprise

Yesterday, Thursday, the singer announced a surprise for her fans: she would release her eighth studio album at midnight, in which she captures and explores all her dreams and fears. The album is called folklore and it was released this midnight. In it, the artist tries to contain all her plans for 2020, which had to change course but directed her to this other project that she shows us today.


The premiere of Tenet is postponed again

After being postponed for a while now, Christopher Nolan's latest feature film is back off the screen. The last release date had been scheduled for July 30, but Warner Bros. has postponed the date again, without saying what it will be. We only know that it is expected to premiere at some point this year, but the producer does not dare to give a date. Because of this, many movie theaters that were planning to reopen for this debut will also have to postpone its reopening.