These are the best sports games on PS4 and XBONE

Considering the end of the PS4 and XBONE era, we decided to make a list of the best sports games of this generation of consoles.

'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1-2', 'Rocket League', 'NBA 2K17'

In order to these consoles, we bring you the list of the best sports games. / Photos: YT / IGN, YT / PlayStation, YT / Xbox

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With the current generation of consoles coming to an end, we decided to go over which were the best sports games on both the PS4 and the XBOX ONE. The scores that you will see below are courtesy of the specialized Metacritic site. We decided to base the list on both the best Metascores (indicating the critical consensus a game receives) and the user score (indicating the critical consensus of the community).

Additionally, you will find a brief review, from the metacritic community, the first time a game appears on both lists. Without further ado, here are the best sports games from the latest generation of consoles.

Playstation 4

According to the Metascore:

1. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2. Metascore: 89

"Awesome gameplay, he took everything from the old games and made it better, great music and awesome skate parks." - User LMPC777

2. NBA 2K17. Metascore: 88

“Amazing game, it's fun. Stunning graphics and perfect gameplay. The comments are perfect and very dynamic. I also love the facial scan this year. The best sports game I have ever played ”- User EseTeUve

3. FIFA 14. Metascore: 87

“Great game, I love that. The living world, the motion, the graphics, FUT, and of course the license is amazing. I can't stop playing FIFA 14. FIFA 14 is better than ever. ” - User Isalye

4. Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. Metascore: 87

“A historic game, like Superstar football and the first eleven winner. It brought back classic elements from the series and included many new features, making it the most comprehensive soccer game ever created. " - User william mc

5. NBA 2k16. Metascore: 87

“Easily the best nba2k game yet and the best NBA game out there. And the story mode is great. This is a no-brainer, definitely worth buying.” - User kgst

According to fans

1. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2. User score: 9.1

2. Monster of the deep Final Fantasy XV. User score: 8.7

“The fact that Final Fantasy has a virtual reality game is absolutely mind-blowing. Although this game can be considered a fishing mini-game, it was still fun." - User anthonypaul

3. Rocket League. User score: 8.5

“I give it a ten based on one aspect which is all that should really matter. FUN! I have had more fun with this game than with any other game I have played in many moons." - SmileFrown user

4. Big Bash Boom. User score: 8.3

"This is the kind of cricket game you want to have for multiplayer fun." - User Mofofufo

5. Cricket 19. User score: 8.0

“Someone wanted to make a cricket fan's dream come true and Bigant created this game. For any cricket fan, this is the best cricket game available right now." - user Just_Nish

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Xbox One

According to the Metascore:

1. NBA 2k 17. Metascore: 90
2. FIFA 14. Metascore: 84
3. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2. Metascore: 88
4. Rocket League: Metascore: 87
5. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. Metascore: 87

"Pro Evolution Soccer returns to its essence, it will not have all the licenses one would like but when it comes to playing it is pure fun, where the gameplay makes it one of the best soccer games of recent times" - User tullomll

According to fans

1. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2. User score: 8.7
2. Rocket League. User score: 8.1
3. Ashes Cricket. User score: 8.0

“The best console cricket game yet. Simple or complicated depending on your configuration. Bowling and batting have all the plays you need instead of the basics in other games. Great online." - User KlnSlayer4201

4. AO Tennis User score: 8.0

"AO Tennis is the ideal tennis simulator for Xbox One players right now." - TrueAchievements

5. AO International Tennis: User score: 7.6

"I really love the way this game has a right stick control option, which feels very authentic to the game of tennis and really adds to the depth of the game." - User Mofofufo