The games of the Souls saga, from worst to best

Before the announcement of the remake of Demon's Souls, we decided to review all the games in the Dark Souls saga.

Still from the video game 'Dark Souls III'

These are the best and worst games in the Dark Souls saga. / Photo: YT / Play Station

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When the PlayStation 5, the future generation of Sony consoles, was announced, there were also news regarding the titles it would have. One of the most important was the remake of Demon's Souls, which, according to the specialized media MeriStation, implies the “return of the myth”, although with very important graphic changes.

For those who do not know, it is a game launched in 2009 by the Japanese studio From Software, which was developed exclusively for the PlayStation 3, being the first of the entire emblematic series of games in the Souls saga, considered as one of the biggest challenges in difficulty for gamers. We decided, then, to take the opportunity to make an analysis of each of the entries, from the worst to the best.

Dark souls 2

This list starts with one of the least valued titles by users. It is not a bad game, but it is true that it does not seem to live up to the expectations of the saga. This can be explained by the fact that the creator of the original delivery, the Japanese Hidetaka Miyazaki, was not there for this delivery, since he was busy in another project.

Anyway, this title released in 2012 has some interesting mechanics. For example, the specialized website of Eurogamer highlights that "it is not the most difficult, but the most intelligent".

Demon's Souls

The game that began everything in 2009 and will now have its remake for the PlayStation 5. Despite the time that passed, you can see how the essence of the saga is fully present in a title that lay the foundations for everything that came after. 

The graphics are very well done, both in settings and in characters and enemies. At the same time, the appearance of different demons will generate that feeling of terror and difficulty that characterizes this franchise.

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Dark Souls

The original entry (although preceded by Demon's Soul) was launched in 2011, generating its own, unmistakable style. Players must gather clues to uncover the fate of the undead, making the entire game feel bleak.

The specialized 3DJuegos website also emphasizes the difficulty, saying that it became "one of the most difficult and surprising games", being a must-play for any video game fan.


One of the most surprising games within the saga itself. It launched in 2015 and it is somewhat different, since, although much of the fundamentals of the Souls are shared, the focus is on a fictional city, known as Yharnam, which is plagued by the curse of blood. 

The Vandal website mentions that the background of the game can be considered "simply exciting", being one of the most complete in terms of story. In addition, the essence of the saga is maintained, with a game style based on real-time action, advancing through a complete map full of dangers.

Dark souls 3

The best installment of the entire franchise, which was launched in 2016. The level of challenge remains demanding, to the point where players must focus their senses, as any noise or small movement could mean a certain death.

In addition, the Hobbyconsolas medium highlights how polished the scenarios and the design of the bosses are, as well as a very interesting connection with previous games, showing that there is a common thread in each of the installments . Therefore, quarantine may be the ideal opportunity to revisit these good and complicated titles, preparing for the remake of Demon's Souls.