Motivating children with magic during COVID-19 pandemic

It is important to continue motivating the creativity and imagination of our children .

Magician with playing cards on his arm

Magic can be the solution to continue motivating children's minds during this COVID-19 season. / Photo: Pixabay

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During this long and painful health emergency, due to COVID-19, the education and learning of all our children has been seriously affected, due to this lack of motivation, there are children who present anguish or stress due to boredom and confinement in their homes. Therefore, it is important to have a lot of creativity for their constant motivation, either with a variety of magic tricks or with any day-to-day activity.

The great sorcerers of the future, fighting COVID-19

Working on magic tricks with our little ones, instills a series of benefits in them, these can be values, such as integrity and a lot of perseverance, it also incites the nervous system, strengthens innovation and perfects their confidence.

Magic tricks are incredible, distracting, and mind-boggling for children. The instruction of the little one will always obey the energy of the one who provides the education, however, knowledge involves conflicts, taking challenges and overcoming inconveniences.

In any case, we as educators must have exercises that capture their absolute attention and that attention will depend on age, however, they almost always lean towards games.

With the enchantment, we promote the improvement of the cognitive processes and the enthusiastic and expressive areas of our children. This sensation of play originates its investigation and inquiry into whoever executes it or watches it.

Xuxo Ruíz, is a teacher at CEIP Sebastián, in Albaida, Seville, and maintains that "to educate with magic, teachers can use magic tricks in the classroom to stimulate and motivate children in fields as diverse as creativity, mathematics, oral communication, self-esteem and psychomotor skills. But this resource can not only be used by educators, but also by parents ".

Basically, all the magic tricks, in the face of the little ones, are a totally easy activity, but it does not mean that they are not curious. So, we can guarantee some recommendations to implement the magic tricks in our daily activities, such as:

  • While we perform the spells we must look at our audience, even to succeed we must spice it up with a little preparation at home.
  • The little ones are innovative and their dreams have no limits, therefore, sorcerer's implements could be made, such as a cape and a magic wand
  • It is not recommended to perform tricks that cause fear, some tricks that most attract your attention are cards, balls, coins or animals.
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These are some enchanting tricks, so that children can practice at home and improve their skills in this topic.

Trick 1: Predict your cards

From a bunch of cards, a little one will select one, then we divide the bunch of cards into two parts and the infant will place the card on top of one of the parts. We look at the last card and place it on the other pile that contains the chosen card. We conclude that the designated card will be after the one we have already observed.

Trick 2: Predict the number you are thinking of

We ask a child to think of a number and then add or subtract casual amounts, the key is the final result, asking him to subtract the initial number, with this maneuver he will reveal the number he had at the beginning.

Trick 3: The number you choose will always give 12

Ask your partner to think of a number: for example, 1. Tell him to add 4. To subtract 1. After to add 21. To subtract the starting number. Divide it by 6. And finally, multiply it by 3. The result will always give 12.

Trick 4: Empty cloth

Take a piece of cloth, a coin, and duct tape. Take the cloth and show the audience. Place the coin in the center of the fabric. Fold the corners towards the center, starting with the corner that has the adhesive tape, Finally, unfold the corners making sure that your finger is on the coin

Tip 5: Magic coin

Make a fist by creating a small hole in your index finger. Move your hand over the other hand, dropping the coin, without opening your fist. Ask your partner to say which hand the coin is in, obviously he will select the original hand.