The best songs of the controversial and brilliant Miley Cyrus

The release of her new song made us recap her discography and evaluate what her best songs are.

Still from the video clip 'Party in the USA' by Miley Cyrus

These are some of the best Miley Cyrus songs. / Photo: YT / Hollywood Records

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Miley Cyrus is one of the most influential pop artists of the moment. In this case, we could observe that, recently, she released a new song. According to what the medium Timis mentions, the artist returned with "Midnight Sky", a song that transports us to the time of the 80s.

It is a song that, as the La Capital MDP website comments, made the singer appear “reinvented”, being a clear inspiration for the last year of her life. That is, she appears as a woman without complexes, sure of herself, with great strength and with new limits from the musical point of view. Also, the video was directed by herself, so we see that her musical inspiration seems stronger than ever.

Faced with this situation, we decided to review Miley Cyrus' discography, including her time as Hannah Montana, since it was she herself who sang. That is, we will look for her best songs both in her stage as the protagonist of one of Disney's most successful series and in her brilliant solo career.

The Climb (2009)

It is one of the singer's most iconic songs, which appeared as the first single from the soundtrack of the film Hannah Montana: The Movie. Through a classic ballad sound, a harmonic rhythm is used that incorporates elements of soft rock, all in addition to touching lyrics.

Even today, it is one of the most iconic and loved by fans, something that could be appreciated recently . The MinutoE website highlighted that the singer sang "one of her greatest hits" (that is, the one we mentioned) in a virtual graduation ceremony during her quarantine, driving all her followers crazy.

Party in the US A (2009)

Perhaps the greatest success of the American, which allowed her not only to catapult as a television star, but also as a promise of singing. In this case, we are talking about a song that belongs to his first EP, known as The Time of Our Lives, which has a clear dance pop style.

The id website highlights that the artist turned this song into an "anthem of resistance", turning it into a theme to avoid violence in her country. That is, through his lyrics, the idea of celebrating is discussed, leaving aside the problems that may be occurring.

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Wrecking Ball (2013)

Not only is it one of the most controversial songs of the artist, but also one of the most controversial songs and videos of all time. This got to the point where, some time after its publication, the singer admitted, according to the specialized medium Glamor, that she was not "proud" of the controversial music video.

The song was released as the second single from her fourth studio album, known as Bangerz. Despite having a clear influence of the power pop and a letter about a breakup, the spotlight was the video, which shows the singer naked on a wrecking ball.

Malibu (2017)

We went to a stage where the young woman abandoned controversies for a while and devoted herself entirely to expressing her love for her current partner. That is to say, according to La Vanguardia, this song is the "great love letter between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth", the Australian actor with whom she is currently divorced.

With a very subtle style and lyrics that reflect the affection between the two, we can mentally teleport ourselves to the beaches of California , through a sound that belongs to the pop genre, but that also demonstrates its complexity as an artist, adding a touch of interesting sentimentality.

Mother's Daughter (2019)

Finally, we have one of her most ideological songs, especially in the field of women. According to what the Infobae website highlights, it is a "feminist anthem" where, through her words, it is said that no one can interfere with someone's freedom.

The video is also full of women who express feminist signs, according to the specialized website of Cosmopolitan. In addition to a catchy chorus, it has a powerful and devastating sound, which shows how strong the power of feminism is. Therefore, we see that she is an artist who can be controversial, but who is also multifaceted and knows how to convey emotions.