The duels you can’t miss in the NBA finals

The NBA Finals finally arrived, in which Lebron's Lakers will face Jimmy Butler's Heat.

LeBron James and Jimmy Butler

The NBA finals are coming and we will see these stars face off. / Photos: IG / kingjames, IG / jimmybutler

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The most exciting date for international basketball arrives with these new NBA finals. The Lakers, led by the legendary Lebron James, will look to give their leader the fourth ring, while the Heat, with a solid squad and a deep bench, will try to win their first championship since James played them.

In order not to repeat what fans already know, we decided to focus better on the particular matches that all eyes will be on. Victory could depend on these individual matches. Without further ado, here they are.

Anthony Davis vs. Bam Adebayo

Anthony Davis, without belittling the other Lakers, has been the linchpin in leading the Los Angeles squad to the finals. His 2.08m tall and 2.27m wingspan, as well as his remarkable athletic ability for someone his size, have been a headache for all the teams that have faced the Lakers in the Playoffs. So far, no one has effectively defended him, as he has scored more than 20 points in all of his playoff games this year except two of them.

The center that will have to take care of him this time is Bam Adebayo, 2.06m tall and with a wingspan of 2.17m. Adebayo is known for his aggressiveness and his prowess as an offensive player. It has been a surprise to many this postseason. However, perhaps his biggest handicap is the three-point shot, which Davis does have mastered.

Who will prevail between these two giants?

Lebron James vs. Jimmy Butler

These two are the de facto leaders and biggest superstars of their respective teams. It is not known for sure if they will defend each other, but victory will certainly depend on which of them can best fulfill their functions and shine more for their own team.

James is the most complete player the NBA has seen in the last 10 years, but recently his role has been reduced in line with his athleticism. His victory over Butler will then depend on how well he can, both deliver the ball to let his teammates score, and keep up with the Heat's fast pace.

Butler, for his part, is a player whose strength is making plays that require incredible effort, such as steals, closing points as well as his well-known ability to demand perfection from both himself and others. He will have to be consistent in these and other facets under pressure to play his first NBA Finals.

Will Lebron's experience take precedence over Butler's will to win?

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Rajon Rondo vs. Goran Dragic

Although not much has been said about him, the duel of these two bases will be essential in determining the champion.

Rondo is a point guard who has shown his impressive talent since joining the NBA. His greatest strength is enabling his teammates with spectacular passes, being the eighth player with the most assists in the postseason, just a couple dozen behind Steve Nash. His ability to steal the ball also creates many defensive saves for his team. He is a player who delights in doing the spectacular.

Goran Dragic couldn't be more different than him, being a very traditional point guard, whose athletic prowess has taken a nosedive in recent years. His greatest strength is being a stabilizing force for his team, and creating smart plays, which is key for a squad as young as the Miami Heat.

It is without a doubt a showdown of styles of play, in which Rondo's spectacular style will take on Dragic's methodical basketball. Undoubtedly, everything looks for these duels to result in very exciting finals.

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