The Harry Styles album that is breaking stereotypes

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Day by day, the latest album by the former One Direction member seems to win over fans and critics.

Harry Styles 'Fine Line' album cover

Harry Styles' album has been listed as one of the best 500 albums in history. / Photo: IG / harrystyles

LatinAmerican Post | Ariel Cipolla

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Recently, we learned that the specialized magazine Rolling Stones decided that Fine Line, the last work of Harry Styles, enters the top of the 500 best albums of all history. It is an album that was well received, both by critics and fans, due to its great style and wide musical range, being one of the surprises of this very atypical year.

All this led this artist to announce a musical tour around the world, including Latin America, which he finally had to suspend. According to El Intra América News, recently Harry Styles announced that he had suspended the tour of South America, where he was seeking to promote his latest album on the Love on Tour tour.

The reasons are obvious: to prevent people from putting their health at risk, in addition to the impossibility of playing in front of a large audience. Against this background, you have time to catch up on his discography, so we decided to analyze everything that Fine Line brings, a masterpiece that involves a sound show that crosses different genres and rhythms.

Fine Line, an innovative album

First of all, we must say that it was the second studio album by British singer Harry Styles. This is a singer who began his career as a member of the band One Direction, although, after the group's separation, he began his solo career, which is doing quite well.

So much so that from Medium they emphasize that "Harry Styles is the best former One Direction." That is, his undeniable talent and voice allow him to interpret a wide range of musical possibilities, from ballads to catchy pop songs, something that could be observed in this record work that made critics and fans fall in love.

One of his most popular songs, quickly becoming a hit, is Watermelon Sugar. According to what the Nación Rex website highlights, it was the fourth single released by the singer, where a vintage atmosphere from the 70s was recreated. That is, not only do we have a vibrant and luminous song, but he also breaks gender stereotypes through the video itself.

Perhaps for this reason, the specialized website of Los 40 emphasizes that the artist "becomes strong in his fragility" . That is, he returned to the music scene with an album that is based on love and self-knowledge, thanks to a strong sense of sound aesthetics, which allows him to show intimate and sentimental aspects, but also with a luxurious production.

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This can be seen in what Mondo Sonoro mentions, which highlights that "prejudice" is the worst obstacle to knowing the artist, given that the singer was pigeonholed by arguing that he makes "music for adolescents", although his style is intense and eclectic. 

Everything results in the fact that, as the Esquire medium emphasizes, the new Harry Styles album is "scandalously good", since it is an album that exudes confidence and vulnerability, deconstructing the masculine concept of virility . We can see this, for example, in the song that opens the album, which has incredible power. 

This work, as revealed by the specialized site of El Quinto Beatle, allows him to move away from the rock territory of his debut album, betting on a "glam-pop, indie-folk and soul". In addition, he is not only pigeonholed in these rhythms, but there are songs like Canyon Moon where there is a folk style with choirs, one of the keys to this work.

Also, we have some very interesting surprises in musical terms. The main one is, as Why Not Magazine reveals, in the song She, which achieves something "amazing" that reminds us a lot of the mythical Pink Floyd band, since guitars awaken sensuality that is combined with a dark atmosphere.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention Treat People With Kindness, being an anthem with an insistent chorus and constant percussion reminiscent to some extent of Bohemian Rhapsody. As we can see, this entire album is about themes that embellish the artist's sound atmosphere and position him as a true talent interested in his productions.