The Billboards and other relevant news of this week

Our Friday summary is here for you to start the weekend updated .

Harry Styles and still from the trailer of the series 'The Crown'

These are the most relevant entertainment news of this week. / Photo: TW / BBMAs, YT / Netflix

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That's right, it's Friday again and the weekend starts again. We know you like to start it up-to-date with entertainment news so you have something to talk about with whoever you meet over the weekend. So we bring you the five most relevant news in the world of entertainment this week summarized and gathered here.


The delivery of the Billboard Awards took place

This Wednesday the Billboard awards ceremony took place. The big winner of the night (what a surprise) was young singer Billie Eilish, who took home the awards for Best New Artist, Best Album and Best Female Artist. Among the winners were also, of course, Lizzo, Postmalone, Khalid, BTS, Harry Styles among other fashionable artists among young people. Singer Kelly Clarkson was the host of this event that was held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.


Bad Bunny premieres remix of "Yo perreo sola"

Among the favorites of the night was, of course, the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Bad Bunny, who took the opportunity to release the remix of his hit "Yo perreo sola". This single from his latest album YHLQMDLG has become popular for its message of leaving women alone in the middle of the party, as they can dance alone and have a good time. Who better then to do the remix than the reggaeton queen Ivy Queen, who invented this premise with her 2000's hit "I want to dance", in which she told men to respect her when she told them, in the middle of the party, to leave her alone. 


The Crown Season 4 Trailer Releases

This Tuesday Netflix premiered the trailer for the fourth season of this period drama that is getting closer to the present day. This is The Crown, the series that follows the British royal family since Queen Elizabeth II was crowned. In this fourth season we will see (finally!) Princess Diana, on whom the lens of the trailer's camera rests more. Thus, the current viewer may perhaps feel closer to the events of this season, as he is getting closer and closer to the royal family that we know today. It premieres on November 14 of this year.

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Dexter Returns

Eight years ago the series that obsessed so many with the serial killer theme ended. This is Dexter, the series that followed the meticulous and prolific serial killer who had a morgue in his home. Showtime, the production company that was responsible for transmitting it during the years it was on the air, announced this Thursday an unexpected news: Dexter returns in the form of a miniseries. This short production will consist of ten episodes in which the original actor, Michael C. Hall will play the handsome killer again.


The White Sripes preparing greatest hits album

It was about time that this duo gave us the best of their musical career in a single record production. It is this time about Meg and Jack White, members of The White Stripes, the iconic rock band that is now preparing an album with their best hits. It will be called "The White Stripes Greatest Hits" and it will contain 26 songs that we know the most from this fabulous duo. The release date of this new record production is not yet known, but it is known that there will be a deluxe version whose details will be revealed closer to the release date. For now, we can't wait.