Top Scorers in MLS History

Maybe you didn't know the top scorers in the American league.

Chris Wondolowski and Kei Kamara

These are some of the top scoring soccer players in MLS. / Photos: Wikimedia-Noah Salzman, Wikimedia-Greengeorge

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MLS is not the most popular league for soccer fans. The level is not the same as in Europe, or even in Latin America and in his own country it is competed with the NBA and the extremely popular NFL. However, this does not imply that this league is not full of incredible scorers. Here are the best of all time for you to meet.

Chris Wondolowski



In his long career that began in 2005 and continues, Wondolowski has played for the San José Earthquakes and the Houston Dynamos, amassing 372 games as well as 161 goals throughout his career.

Landon donovan



Currently retired, Donovan accumulated 139 goals in 319 games playing for the LA Galaxy and the San Jose Earthquakes. Donovan still holds the league record for assists at 105.

Kei kamara



This center-forward played for 8 different MLS teams throughout his career, racking up an impressive 129 goals in 353 games. At 36, he currently plays for Minnesota United.

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Jaime Moreno



The Bolivian has had a curious trajectory. After playing for Santa Fe (from Colombia) he decided to go to the United States, where he had a prolific career playing for the New York and Washington teams. He is currently retired, but managed to accumulate 129 goals in 320 games.


Jeff Cunningham



Finally we have Jeff Cunningham, originally from Jamaica, who has played for 5 different clubs, accumulating 333 games, as well as 114 goals.

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