What are Biden's main promises to Latinos?

The triumph of Joe Biden in the US presidential elections affects Latinos immensely

Joe Biden during a speech

Latinos had a great importance in the triumph of this candidate. / Photo: TW / JoeBiden

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The American elections have a new winner. According to Clarín, Joe Biden addressed the citizens of that country as the president-elect, promising to heal the country. 

In this sense, Latinos had great importance in the triumph of this candidate. For example, from La Vanguardia they mention that the Latino vote “chose Arizona for Biden”, modifying his republican gene. In other words, Latinos are never a monolithic block, but rather vote based on current events. 

In the same way, the BBC argues that the group of Latinos, of 32 million people, greatly helped Biden's triumph. Therefore, we decided to find out what were the promises of the current winner of the 2020 US elections for this sector.


Biden's 3 promises for Latinos

Biden's triumph represents hope for many Latinos. The problem is that, from the perspective of The New York Times, Democrats could have trouble getting the promises to materialize, especially when taking into account the main links on which Biden's campaign was based for this group.

The first of Biden's promises to Latinos is immigration reform. In El País they comment that the political agenda for the first 100 days implies retracing many of Trump's policies. That is, it will seek to think in a different way about the problem of people who emigrate to the United States.

In Immigration Today they report that the intention is to create a path to permanent residence and citizenship for the almost 11 million undocumented people who lived in the country, differentiating themselves from the administration of Barack Obama, that never took that measure. In the same way, effective border review will not be omitted but rather intensified.

The second of the promises on Biden's political agenda for Latinos is about young DACA recipients. The intention is that, according to Telesur, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals gives the opportunity for dreamers (undocumented youth) to continue with their lives without fear of being reported.

Basically, we are talking about a program that was launched in 2012 by Barack Obama, with the intention of protecting the deportation of some 700,000 young people, who are known as dreamers. The program is renewable, being granted every two years, although it does not create a path to obtain citizenship, but that could change with the immigration reform law.

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Biden's third and final promise to Latinos is in TPS, that is, Temporary Protected Status. From RPP they indicate that the democrat had recognized that, he will grant the status to all Venezuelans who flee from Venezuela due to the policies of Nicolás Maduro, although it also applies to Cuba.

This is an important difference from the Donald Trump administration, which sought to send Venezuelans and Cubans back "back to their dictatorships." Hence, this measure would benefit, from El Nacional's perspective, some 150,000 migrants seeking a better future in the United States of America.

Therefore, we have seen that the Latino sector was key in determining the results of the US elections. It remains to be seen if Joe Biden's campaign promises finally materialize in his presidency, which could be marked by a much friendlier opening to our region.


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