Why watch Dignity, Amazon’s new Chilean series?

Co-produced with Germany, it addresses the abuses committed in the German enclave Colonia Dignidad, in the south of the Latin American country .

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On November 13, the series Dignity, a Chilean-German co-production that immerses itself in the systematic real abuses committed in the Colonia Dignidad enclave, led by former Nazi soldier Paul Schäfer, who died in 2010 , premieres on Prime Amazon Video .

The rugged practices that were carried out in this place, located in Villa Baviera (Maule Region, Chile), were hidden behind a facade of aid and charity activities, and were discovered in the 1990s, which is precisely the time in which this production is situated.

It will be the young prosecutor Leo Ramírez (Marcel Rodríguez) who discovers decades of torture, child abuse and murders silenced behind its walls, for which he will take on the mission of catching Schäfer and bringing him to justice.


Chilean-German co-production

The series, produced by Invercine & Wood (Chile) and Story House Productions (Germany), was shot in the south of the Latin American country, and also had the support of the National Television Council of Chile (CNTV) and the open TV channel MEGA, which will broadcast Dignity once a week on a date to be defined.

The good news is that marathon lovers will be able to have all eight episodes on the Amazon platform, starting on November 13.

As for the cast, it includes actors and actresses from both countries. The Chilean Antonia Zegers, who was part of the cast of La Jauría and Una Mujer Fantástica, will play the researcher Pamela Martínez, while Schäfer will be played by the German actor Götz Otto, who had a role in the film of the James Bond saga , Tomorrow Never Dies (1997).

Alejandro Trejo, Paola Giannini, Felipe Ríos and Iván Álvarez de Araya are other Chilean actors participating in the production, while, representing the German country, we will see on screen figures like Jennifer Ulrich, Martina Klier, Nils Rovira-Munoz and Devid Striesow.

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The series is directed by the Chilean Julio Jorquera. Interviewed by the Meganoticias portal, he indicated that "the search for a better future, a future that turns into hell, and a hell that is better to forget, is the crossroads of Leo Morales, the protagonist of the series, a lawyer in charge of capturing to the leader of Colonia Dignidad, Paul Schäfer"

Jorquera, who has in his curriculum acclaimed Chilean series such as Mary & Mike, Pulseras Rojas and Ramona, added in that article that the series "is a journey into the depths of a Chile, not so different from the one we live today, where there is a past that needs to be revealed in order to move forward and rebuild. "


Latin American stories

The most interesting thing about the premiere of Dignity is that it is part of a bet that Amazon Prime Video is making to produce original content in Latin America. In fact, this is the second Chilean series that the firm premieres this year, after La Jauría, a thriller that takes its name from a mobile application that is investigated by the police, as it is suspected that it has served as a means to coordinate a series of sexual assaults against adolescents from a Catholic school in Santiago de Chile.


After Dignity, there will be two more productions: the Argentine Iossi, the Repentant Spy and the Colombian Historia de un Secuestro. The latter, is an adaptation of the homonymous novel by the writer Gabriel García Márquez.

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