Silvina Moschini: Talented Latina Who Achieves Unicorn Entrepreneurship

Silvina Moschini is a talented Argentine woman, founder of an innovative platform that seeks to close the gender gap called She Works! that connects talented women around the world to job opportunities efficiently and remotely.

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An example of its technology-centric approach will be launched in Guatemala, where it will create a program to train 20,000 women in the next year in education and employability skills and connect them with its ecosystem of labor partners. Many countries will have the opportunity to impact employment and retain the talent of talented Guatemalan women in their country by exporting their services through the cloud.


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"Women tend to be afraid of thinking big and being aggressive due to cultural and social stereotypes, so our ability to have a global impact and change the world starts with believing that we can do it," the executive director told the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) during an interview.

Moschini is also a co-founder of Transparent Business. The technology platform is a tool to manage remote teams and allow companies to verify the work done remotely and collaborate efficiently.

Speaking about her recent project on Thomas Reck's The Entrepreneur Insight podcast, Moschini said: “51% of women drop out of the workforce due to lack of flexibility, so I created software to help companies find one. best solution. to the problem of trust”.

They are complementary companies because She Works! It is developed in Transparent Business technology. Both teams tour the market and invite talent to join the platform to hire them and use Transparent Business software to manage their work. Your goal is to create different talent clouds in addition to She Works!


Moschini works with Google to train and certify people in the technologies of this tech giant, helping them find a Google Cloud talent exchange. She is doing the same with other major players, including Facebook, AWS, Amazon, ASAP, Microsoft, and many others.

In 2000, she had the opportunity to work on what is known as the Internet's first revolution, ".com". At the time, the wall was divided between brick and mortar companies. The entrepreneur started in a consulting business, helping companies use the Internet to better manage their teams and communicate with clients in an interactive production studio and software factory.


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The CEO assures: "The first thing that helped me was the feeling that there was a great opportunity in the market to do things better and I could not find the solutions that address the issue of global team management."

Along the way, she partnered with powerful sponsors and mentors who helped her open doors and connect the dots between her idea and the needs of companies. Moschini then joined a network of high-impact entrepreneurs called Endeavor, a close circle of highly varied entrepreneurs. Once selected, the global organization supports them to grow in emerging markets, happy to connect capital with talent to lead a company from a validated model on a global scale.


Una publicación compartida de Silvina Moschini (@miss_internet1) el

The award-winning businesswoman, broadcaster, and series author acts as a mentor for young entrepreneurs around the world, being the first Latina to achieve the Unicorn category for her Start-Up, that is, generating a value of $1 billion. Her message to other women entrepreneurs: “If you have a passion, think that you can do incredible things if you put your mind to it. Let's join the movement and support other women so that we can change the rules of the game and build a better world for all, with diversity and inclusion.