The best phrases of Diego Maradona

The Argentine star is considered one of the best players in history, but he also has famous statements. Let's see the best ones .

Diego Maradona, during an interview

These are some of the famous statements by Diego Maradona. / Photo: YT / TVR Reports

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Diego Maradona was synonymous with popularity. Despite the fact that the figure is considered one of the best footballers of all time, the Ten also tries to replicate part of his success in his time as a coach. However, he not only stood out on the court, but also outside, thanks to his controversies and, sometimes, brilliant statements.

So much so that, according to the Los Andes Mendoza website, it was 25 years since Maradona's return to Boca, the date on which he had a media fight with former player Carlos Toresani, which led to a controversial phrase, in which the Kid from Fiorito invited him to his house to fight (Segurola and Habana 4310, seventh floor). Therefore, we decided to find out the best statements from Maradona.

"He is able to drink the cat's milk"

One of Maradona's most iconic phrases, which showed that, in addition to being a player who encouraged himself on the court, he did not hesitate to confront off it. In this case, in 1991 he decided to criticize his former partner Juan Simón, since he had known him "ten years ago" and knew that he was capable of anything.

"You have it inside / let them suck it"

If we talk about confrontational phrases, we must not forget one that occurred when the Argentine National Team, in that case led by Diego Maradona, achieved a tight classification for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Arguing an attack from journalism, the coach of the white and blue team decided, in a press conference, speak in an elevated tone.

In the first place, the Minuto Uno website highlighted that, after the victory against Uruguay as a visitor for the Argentine classification, the round of questions and answers took place . Faced with a question from the journalist Toti Pasman, Maradona decided to tell him that he had her "inside", because, in his opinion, he was making malicious criticisms.

At the same time, as El Periódico mentions, he apologized to "the ladies" and commented, to all those who did not believe in his selection, that they could "suck her and keep sucking her", because she considered herself a person in "Black or white", but would never accept gray. Therefore, he decided to attack all those who mistreated him.

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"The turtle escaped"

Another of the best known. As TNT Sports mentions, this phrase occurred after, in 1993, the then United States ambassador to Argentina James Cheek published a notice saying that a turtle that his son gave him escaped . Faced with this scenario, the star decided to use it repeatedly to refer to the moments in which "impossible" opportunities slip out of hand, showing that a person is slow.

"Don't feel pity for anyone"

Again, we saw a confrontational Maradona again. In February 2001, Maradona appeared on the night of El Equipo de Primera, a team led by Fernando Niembro and which had the participation of enormous sports figures, such as Oscar Ruggeri, Bambino Veira or José Sanfilippo.

The moment the latter entered the table, Ruggeri mentioned that he was a "stone", as he was treated by a person with bad luck. There, Veira also intervened, who revealed that she had a "anger" against the idol of San Lorenzo de Almagro. Hearing those words, Sanfilippo said that if he was angry with him, there was only "pity" on his part.

It was at that precise moment that Maradona decided to intervene. There he confronted the Nene and told him that "don't feel pity for anyone." If you are angry with him, you can fight him, but no one pity. Immediately afterwards, his categorical sentence led to a standing ovation and massive applause.

"They cut off my legs"

One of the most heartbreaking and sentimental phrases of Maradona. On June 27, 1994, Maradona used that metaphor to, according to the TyC Sports website, talk about his expulsion from the United States World Cup.

After the victory against Nigeria, a nurse went to look for Maradona on the field and, after testing positive for doping, he was left out of the contest , resulting in the team led by Alfio Basile being left out against Romania in the round of 16.

"The ball does not get dirty"

One of the most emblematic and emotional, which showed that, in addition to being an excellent footballer, he also has a human side that loves sport. Precisely, in his tribute party on November 10, 2001, before a full Bombonera, the star made reference to his episodes with drugs.

At the end of the game, he declared that soccer is "the most beautiful and healthy sport in the world", admitting that he was wrong and paid, but despite all this, the ball "does not stain", becoming one of his most popular phrases. celebrities, who show the special affection he always had for sport.