These will be the best players in the FIBA Americup

The following are the best players from the teams leading each group in the playoffs .

Michael Carrera

These are the best players leading each FIBA Americup group. / Photo: YT / FIBA

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The first phase of the FIBA Americup 2022 qualifiers has already concluded , which will culminate in February of next year. With Brazil and the United States already classified, it is worth reviewing who have been the star players of the teams that lead each group . Here we bring you the ones we chose, as well as some curious facts about their careers. It is important to remember that the beautiful sport of basketball goes far beyond the NBA!

Group A

Leader- Venezuela

The best player in the Venezuelan team was undoubtedly Micheal Carrera, who has averaged 18 points and 7 rebounds per game, with an efficiency of 19.8. His big moment was undoubtedly a victory against Argentina earlier this year, in which he scored 33 points. Miranda's Supersonic player has proven to be a key piece in a lineup that is playing with heavy casualties. Below you can see it in action.


B Group

Leader- Brazil

Point guard Caio Pacheco , 21, is Brazil's best player, who has averaged 17.5 points per game so far with a good efficiency of 15.0. His best performance came in the game against Panama where he had 17 points and several spectacular assists, which made him very entertaining to watch. He is a young player, with high basketball intelligence and a lot of space to learn and grow. Without a doubt, it will be very interesting to see how he does if he gets to face the lineup of the favorites, the United States. Below you can see it in action.

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Group C

Leader- Dominican Republic

The 31-year-old center, Eloy Vargas, leads his team in efficiency and points, averaging 18.5 in the first category and 17.5 in the second. His 2.10m height and years of experience make him a constant rebounder and scorer, as well. not have the most entertaining style of play to watch. It is not for nothing that he has played on various teams around the world, from the American NCAA to Greece, Brazil and now Iran. Below you can see it in action.


Group D

Leader- United States

30-year-old American guard Kyle Fogg is the best player in the balanced American lineup, averaging 13 points per game and 6 assists. His best performance came in a game against Puerto Rico, in a game in which he achieved 18 points and 8 assists. This veteran, like many others who do not make it to the NBA, has years of experience playing for teams around the world, and even won a European Championship in 2017 with Unicaja de Málaga, Spain. He currently plays for the Beijing Royal Fighters, a Chinese team based in the city of the same name. Below you can see it in action.

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