This is Guild eSports, David Beckham's new bet

The former English footballer launches an eSport project that is already listed on the London stock exchange.

David beckham

David Beckham bets on the world of E-sports. / Photo: IG-davidbeckham

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David Beckham could not be left behind in the increasingly attractive world of eSports. The former British footballer, an icon of the 90's and early 21st century, founded the Guild eSports team valued at 27 million euros , which is already listed on the London Stock Exchange, located in the English capital.

For many, it was already surprising that the former Manchester United and Real Madrid player, co-owner of Inter Miami in the MLS , did not venture as a businessman in this sector, since he has managed to invest his fortune wisely and his public face is almost as important in his life as it was in professional football.

Guild eSports

The recent creation of Guild eSports makes it one of the best aspiring sets for major titles in Riot Games ' new game Valorant, thanks to names like William' Draken 'Sundin, main star, Leo' Ziz 'Jannesson, Malkolm' Bonkar 'Rench, Filip' Goffe 'Gauffin and' Yacine 'Laghmari .

In the first instance, this team was only going to participate in titles like FIFA, CS: GO, Fortnite and Rocket League ; But he recently signed the five Valorant players that made up the European Bonk team and that has greatly enhanced his potential.

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How did it all start? Well , thanks to KONAMI , the developer and distributor of eFootball PES 2021 , which revealed that Beckham would star in one of the versions of his game, called Club Edition. In the Manchester United version, David would be the most prominent iconic player of the “Red Devils”.

This year, EA Sports worked with the image of the former player and signed the collaboration of the same, which will have an Icon card with different versions in FIFA 21 . In fact, in his personal Instagram account the Englishman boasted the fact of starring in a cover of the video game 23 years later, proudly showing that he was on the field again and with old friends.

Let us remember that, as a professional of the game, Becks played 10 seasons in his love club, Manchester United and then spent four years at Real Madrid, six at the Los Angeles Galaxy of MLS, two at AC Milan and one last season at PSG. The elite without a doubt.

Select business club

With the investment, Beckham joins current football figures such as Antoine Griezmann, Gareth Bale, Thibaut Courtois or Dani Alves who have already invested in esports. The French striker from Barça created Grizi Esports, Bale in turn founded Elleven Esports, while Courtois acquired DUX Gaming and Alves did the same with S2V Esports.

eSports Insider reported that David invested 25 million pounds in founding Guild Esports, betting heavily on the sector and building a team that seeks to make an impact in the future.

Of course, the media impact of Beckham could mark a before and after in the way electronic sports are sold, especially considering the importance of the character in markets such as the United States and England.

The Guild eSports initiative aims to be a kind of academy for young talents and, according to information from the club, the team of Becks will also participate in the franchises of FIFA, Fortnite and Rocket League, three accessible platforms with a different target and with great future potential.

The potential of Valorant

Guild Esports decided to enter the scene of Riot Games' new shooter with the acquisition of the Bonk squad, a Scandinavian lineup, specifically located in Sweden. Although Valorant is starting out in eSports, many consider that its potential is unlimited, since it was the most mediatic game in this atypical year 2020 and with a notable economic impact . Indeed, Bonk has been a very competitive team on the European circuit after making a premature debut in June, and participating in various competitions with good results.

The aforementioned team was a finalist in the G2 Esports tournament , a league in which the Spanish player Óscar 'M1xwell' Cañellas played , who retired in June 2020 but not before taking gold in almost all the competitions in which he participated.

The Guild eSports tokens by Bonk look pretty sensible. The team will consist of Bonkar, Leo, Yacine, Goffe and Draken , important players and called to be the leaders of the Beckham team on the European scene to quickly win the confidence of the fans after receiving criticism from the industry. Ultimately, Valorant is the third Guild Esports team to already compete on the FIFA and Rocket League platforms.