The best video games of 2020

Despite the coronavirus, this was a good year for the video game industry. These are the best titles that were released in 2020 .

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These are some of the most popular games of 2020. / Photo: YT-IGN

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The video game industry was one of the protagonists of 2020. As people had to spend more time at home many video games become extremely popular. An example was that of Among Us, which exceeded 200 million downloads on mobile phones.

In other words, people who already belonged to the gamer community saw that they had more time than ever to be able to dedicate themselves to leisure. Others, who had never tried their luck at video games, found it to be a great way to pass the time. Therefore, the companies took advantage and had a great income.

The video game industry achieved great records due to the pandemic. For example, the video game analytics company Newzoo reported that gamers spent an estimated $ 175 billion on software alone this year, a figure that far exceeds the $ 146 billion in 2019. These are some of the biggest titles launched this year.

The Last of Us: Part II

Perhaps one of the most anticipated games of the year. The first part, released in 2013, became an icon of action and adventure video games. Therefore, this second installment had to continue with the legacy that Naughty Dog herself achieved in its first edition, although also generating a continuation that lives up to expectations.

Everything seemed to close perfectly. The specialized medium HobbyConsolas, considered it as the masterpiece of this study, where we can see closure for the story of Ellie and Joel. The technical section got a lot more polished than the first edition, which came out for the PlayStation 3 and then was remastered in the next generation.

But that's not all: also the soundtrack, the script and even the gameplay itself meant progress. The Last of Us: Part II managed to be a beautiful and emotional title, which also combines action and horror with violent gameplay, showing that, in extreme situations, we are capable of bringing out the best and the worst in ourselves.

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Final Fantasy VII: Remake

In this case, from Square Enix, they had a difficult task: adapting for the new generations a title that, at the time, managed to be a huge success. The original installment had been published on the PlayStation in 1997, but it was clear that it needed a huge graphic polish in order to convince new players.

What is really shocking is that they not only met the expectations of gamers of that time, but also caught the youngest. The fact of reviving an old glory was a huge challenge, but, finally, we found a really complex title, which will make you enjoy 40 or 50 hours in front of the screen.

Considered the best Final Fantasy to date, we can discover charismatic characters, unforgettable environments and a plot that we will understand immediately. All this, of course, at the same time that the gameplay becomes frenetic and addictive, making us forget the old turn-based system and betting entirely on the live model of current RPGs.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

A title that is perfect for the little ones, but is also completely enjoyable by the general public. In this one we do not have the frenzy of the aforementioned games, but it will be special to put a pause in our life and have a good time.

From the Vandal website they mention that this saga adored by Nintendo managed to turn this installment into its most complete title, which will allow you to create a "paradise for you." In other words, our goal is really simple: to have a second virtual life, in which we will become friends and create a very beautiful place.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons does not present us with any villains or extraordinary challenges, but the beauty comes from being able to enjoy the little moments. At a slow pace, we will move to a distant desert island that we must turn into a town full of life. For that, we must complete a series of very fun tasks that will invite you to enjoy and relax.

Doom Eternal

Again, here we see that the second part can be great too. Basically, we find a continuation of the 2016 title, where we will play a chosen one who must put an end to the invasion of the infernal forces that are on Earth, in order to restore order.

This title has much more open scenarios than its predecessor, so that we will experience a pleasant feeling of freedom. All this, of course, with a frantic campaign, which will please all those who are fans of shooters, since it is a challenge in terms of difficulty.

2020 was an interesting year for the field of video games, with highly anticipated titles that met all the expectations that their fans had.

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