Who are the top politicians in Biden's diverse Cabinet?

The democrat surrounded himself with different professionals with different capacities and trajectories where minorities stand out who will break various paradigms .

Avril Haines and Xavier Becerra

In Joe Biden's cabinet, minorities stand out who will break various paradigms. / Photos: U.S. Institute of Peace, Gage Skidmore

LatinAmerican Post | Ariel Cipolla

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Joe Biden set out to renew the White House. The election in the first instance of Kamala Harris as presidential running mate (for her to occupy the vice presidency) marked a drastic change in the North American political structure, since she became the first woman to reach this political place.

However, it was clear that the proposed renewal for Donald Trump would also reach the rest of the political structures. The president-elect decided to embrace as much cultural diversification as possible, including representatives of the Latino, indigenous and Afro-American community, who will seek to confront this crisis. Let's meet the biggest names.

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Anthony Blinken - Secretary of State

We start with one of the most important. Biden decided to elect the new chief of diplomacy for the United States, who has a background in this sector, having worked in the State Department during the last two administrations of the Democratic Party.

His appointment supposes an opening in favor of global alliances, in such a way that calm is generated in world leaders, after 4 years of a nationalist structure and with quite offensive approaches by Trump against some nations, as was the case with the conflict with China.

Lloyd Austin - Secretary of Defense

A truly historic appointment. According to El País, he is the first African American in the history of the United States to become the head of the Pentagon, while he will also be the third career military man to be in charge of directing the department.

He has known Biden since 2008, at which time he led US forces in the Iraq war, while the president was vice president. He has a long history of 41 years in the Army, so Congress will grant him special permission to be in office since the law dictates that if the candidate is a military man, he has to leave the uniform 7 years before, but Austin will He just retired in 2016.

Alejandro Mayorkas - Secretary of National Security

Latinos will also have their representation in the United States. In particular, the election of Mayorkas, born in Havana in 1959 although he fled after the Cuban revolution, will be a nod to Latin Americans and their support for the Democrats.

Let us remember that this personality held the position of undersecretary of National Security in the second Obama Administration. In addition, he played a key role in the cordial negotiations with Cuba. For this reason, according to the BBC, this appointment is marked as a criticism of Donald Trump's harsh immigration policy.

Avril Haines - Director of National Intelligence

For the first time in history, national espionage will be in charge of a woman. However, it is not just any woman, but one who already has a career in this area. In particular, it was number two in the CIA during the Obama administration, so it is a progressive move, but also with experience in the sector.

The choice of the New Yorker is not necessarily a surprise, as the Intelligence Community already knows her. Therefore, she will continue to work - albeit in a greater position - in the various intelligence tasks that are needed to regulate foreign relations and national security.

Xavier Becerra - Secretary of Health

Health is very important to the United States. With more than 24 million cases and some 400 thousand deaths, Xavier Becerra will have to face the worst health crisis in a century. His appointment also has a pro-immigration sense, since he is a son of Mexican immigrants.

Considered a "Latino Joe Biden", he supposes having put him in a key area to generate confidence in the population, since he is one of the best-known politicians in the country. After working in California, you will have the obligation to reduce the contagion capacity that the country is having.

Deb Haaland - Home Secretary

Finally, another historic appointment. The actual congresswoman for New Mexico will become the first indigenous minister of the United States. In addition, it is seen as one of the most progressive in the region.

Therefore, she will have the responsibility to manage natural resources, such as parks and oil or gas fields, all from an environmental perspective. Thus, Haaland is a nod to the most leftist sector of the Democrats.

Joe Biden's Cabinet is a revolution in progressive terms, although it also mixes it with experience and authority at a difficult time for the country.