Morat will seek to improve himself by 2021

The group wants to continue delighting their fans, here is an list of what 2020 brought for the band and what they plan in 2021 .

Members of the Morat band

The Colombian band prepares new music for this 2021. / Photo: IG-Morat

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Music never rests, not even when there is a pandemic that has kept people away from concerts or live events. Many artists, during the quarantine, managed to bring up motivational themes for difficult times and, also, with the intention of making their own shows from home. Precisely, one of the groups that captivated their fans with a presentation on their YouTube channel in the middle of 2020 was Morat.

But that is not all, because with the intention of returning to the scene, the four young people from Bogotá decided to do a global streaming concert called "Morat: Echando Cuento". On November 7, millions of users managed to access the app "Rappi Live Events" platform to see Juan Pablo Isaza Piñeros, Juan Pablo Villamil Cortés and the Vargas Morales brothers: Simón and Martín. And, according to the same app, it was the best-selling virtual concert on the continent during 2020 .

Despite the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic hit them, having to abruptly stop the pace of promotion and concerts, the boys turned the situation around in the best way. "The first thing he had to do about the pandemic was to figure out what way of working made sense. From composition issues to recording, promo and interviews. Everything changed. We were very lucky because before the pandemic, we dedicated ourselves to record and write some lyrics. When everything crashed, we had a good part of our third album complete. That allowed us to eliminate the stress of not being able to see each other to record", they said in an interview with Los 40 Principales.

In addition, if there was something they knew how to take advantage of during confinement, it was to enjoy the most with their respective families. As for his third album, which is expected by many, it could be closer than we thought. "Technically we could get it out if we wanted to relatively soon. But we are taking the opportunity to put more songs. We have several out and the others are practically ready. We have four more also finished. It is about how many more songs we want to put on the album before releasing it" they explained.

While we wait for that long-awaited day of the debut of the new album, here we will leave you a count of the singles that Morat released during 2020. Do you know all their lyrics? Do you have a favorite?

No termino

Third preview of their third album and the first one they released in 2020 (March 6).

Nunca te olvidé

Fourth single released on April and whose video clip featured the fans of the group.

Bajo la mesa

The fifth advance and that had the collaboration of Sebastián Yatra. Also, it is the first collaboration song from the third album. It premiered on May 22.

La Bella y la Bestia

On June 11 this collaboration that they made with the band Reik was on the Radio.

Más de lo que aposté

New collaboration of the year and it was with Aitana, a song that came to light on July 30.

Labios rotos

For August 6 they decided to launch this tribute to the Mexican band Zoé.

Al aire

Sixth single from the third album that was released on November 12. His video clip, recorded in the municipality of Guasca (Cundinamarca), is a beauty.

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