Do You Control The Use of Technology Devices at Home?

The amount of time kids spend using devices is alarming for many parents. Families want to know: How much screen time is too much?.

The Woman Post | Carolina Rodríguez Monclou

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The 2017 UNICEF report survey the online experiences of children and found that kids represent one in three Internet users worldwide.

According to Dr. Angela Mattke, a pediatrician at Mayo Clinic, as we become in a more digital environment, the younger children are exposed to digital media at really early ages. For infants and toddlers, having an adult sitting next to them and explaining what they're seeing and hearing helps them translate that first interaction with technology into something they can understand. However, how to manage the screen time of kids that are close to becoming teens?

Enjoy Screens

Technology has its benefits: whether your kid wants to become a designer, entrepreneur, or study science, they will need to develop and work on their tech skills. The youth is used to screens not only for entertainment but also for educational purposes.

Children learn by playing. Why not invite them to go beyond passive viewing by sending emojis to Grandma or trying out a coding language like ScratchJr described by Google Play as "an introductory programming language that enables young children (ages five and up) to create their own interactive stories and games."

Don't Let Kids Abuse of Their Screen Time

If kids or adults abuse screen time, they are likely to be more exposed to adverse physical, mental, and emotional outcomes. Some tips that can help your kids balancing the need for limits include:

-Shut down screens well before bedtime. The blue light keeps people awake.


-Don't swipe while you eat. That includes you too, parents. According to the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, "mindless eating with a side dish of media can drive up the risk of obesity, and it crowds out family time."

-Don't forget to motivate your kids to play outdoors every day. Social skills and taking fresh air are crucial for a kid to grow happy and healthy.

Spend Quality Time Together as a Family

Kids feel happy if their parents show interest in the things they like. Try building a strong bond with your son or daughter, asking them what they're watching or doing online. If they play a game, ask them if you could join them and share a little of their world with them.

If you ask your kid about the latest app or game, you will be surprised at how much they know about the newest technology tendencies. You can also put on a music video and dance together, or watch a movie.

There is not a perfect formula to assure that your kid's approach to screen time is healthy. However, you can help them develop their creativity and tech skills while also reminding them that the real world is entertaining and precious. These three rules may help your kids to maintain a healthy balance. Technology has many benefits, and if they learn how to use it in moderation, it can help them a lot in the future.