Most important news of Nintendo Direct 2021 (part 2)

Let's see all the announcements of the mega event of the Japanese company that revealed many video games for this year .

Still from the trailer for the video game 'Miitopia'

These are the most important announcements of the Nintendo Direct of 2021. Photo: YT-Nintendo

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As you could see, there are many announcements by the Japanese company that imply a year quite full of news. After the first part, which was full of surprises, you can join us to discover the second part of the most important news of Nintendo Direct 2021.

Monster Hunter Rise

We started strong, as it is one of the titles that generate the most enthusiasm among Nintendo fans. The date it will arrive on the Nintendo Switch is March 26, so there is not too much left to know an adventure that belongs to a fantastic and successful action and role-playing saga.

In this case, we will have an exotic area that will nurture the universe of the saga, known as the Kamura village, inspired by the feudalism of Japan. From the visual, an incredible technical improvement is also anticipated, so if the addictive game mechanics is maintained or perfected, we will be facing a title that will give something to talk about.

Neon White

One of the craziest, creative and original proposals that Nintendo announced. If you are a fan of card and action games, you may have never expected a title of this caliber. Precisely, both mechanics are combined, through a frenzied fight in the first person, in addition to the mechanics of the classic card games.

That is, we will be collecting different "soul" cards that will be useful so that we can attack the enemies that appear in the scenarios, but also perform special movements that will make us play in a unique way. It will be available for the Nintendo Switch throughout 2021.


By May 21 we will have the Miitopia on the Nintendo Switch, where that 2017 title will be brought back to life, although this time for this console. For those who do not know it, we are talking about a nice RPG that had been released for the Nintendo 3DS, but which will now have its version on this platform.

The adventure will be similar to the original, which is why each user will be able to choose their own Mii characters throughout the adventure, designing them in a personalized way. Of course, the graphic section will be improved and, as a complement, they will allow us to ride a horse to tour the scenarios.

Project Triangle Strategy

We have seen a lot of adventure and action, but fans of strategy will also have the opportunity to enjoy a title of this genre. This project by the mythical company Square Enix has many points on a visual scale, but it will also seem to innovate from the playable.

In this case, we are talking about a game that will be released at some point in 2022, but from which some things could be anticipated. As Vandal reveals, it will be a tactical RPG that will have an isometric perspective, which will be combined with a drawing in pixel art format with three-dimensional settings.

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World's End Club

Another rumor was confirmed. This game will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on May 28, and we will face the end of the world as we visit Japanese places to see what is happening with the country and how it can be solved, through overcoming obstacles.

Precisely, the visual novel style will be one of the keys to this installment, where exploration will be a priority (unlike the predecessors), all while we have the classic side-scrolling.

Ninja Gaiden Collection

Have you ever wanted to play the Ninja Gaiden saga collection? Well, you're in luck, since a compilation of 3 titles will arrive on June 10. In this case, we are talking about the Ninja Gaiden Sigma, the Sigma 2 and the Ninja Gaiden 3, so it will be perfect for you to discover a franchise with huge reviews.

For those who do not know, we refer to a series of action titles that stand out for their enormous difficulty. That is, being able to pass the different phases entails a learning that goes perfectly with a very well achieved character control system, in addition to legendary combats.

The Legend of Zelda. Skyward Sword HD

One of the Nintendo icons also had its space during the event. On July 16 of this year, this installment will arrive, which will allow us to revisit the classic Link adventures, although with a polish for the Switch. Let's remember that we are talking about one of the most important Nintendo brands, which has a large legion of fans around it.

This title is the first in the official chronology of the series, which marked the 25th anniversary of the series when it debuted on the Wii. In this case, it will do so for the 35th anniversary and the tenth anniversary of the launch of the original version, which is why we will have the same story as always, although with more precise controls and a completely renewed appearance.

Splatoon 3

The last one announced by Nintendo and one of the big surprises of the event, which will be released sometime in 2022 for the Switch. Again, we will meet people from all over the world to paint the scenarios, through a gameplay that has become addictive, to see who is the winner on the battlefield.

Let us remember that the first two installments of this new saga managed to catch all the players. In this case, the Ink can be customized, making them have the appearance we want. In addition, from the graphic section there are also improvements, so that we have an even better gaming experience.

We hope you enjoyed all the news about Nintendo Direct 2021!