10 great concerts of the MTV Unplugged in Spanish

Live again some of the best presentations that have been made under this interesting format! .

Shakira, Diego Torres and Julieta Venegas.

These are some of the artists who participated in the dynamics of MTV Unplugged. Photos: YT-MTV

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The 90s will always be remembered for the good musical quality that was made in this part of the continent. The stars of the moment consolidated their path and the legends closed cycles, thus bringing a mixture of indescribable sensations to the audience. That time coincided with the creation of a series of concerts that caused a sensation in the people: the MTV Unplugged .

The purpose of this show - created by Bob Small and Jim Burns - was to introduce the artists in a more intimate way so that they could play their songs acoustically and with great musical arrangements; this, of course, exclusively for the MTV television channel. In fact, it could be said that these presentations ended up becoming a tribute to the fans, as well as being a consecrating vehicle for the singers and bands of the moment. It should be noted that this format caused a lot of interaction with the public, since the artists in each concert showed different types of instruments that allowed a better musical resonance.

Before presenting the list with 10 of the most remembered concerts of the MTV Unplugged in Spanish, here are some interesting facts that are worth knowing:

  • To date, 34 Spanish-speaking artists have performed in this format. They are seconds, after English speakers (44).
  • Café Tacvba are the first Latinos to record a second acoustic concert (1995 and 2019).
  • Los Tres became the first Chileans to record an Unplugged. This album was one of the best sellers in Chile during the decade (1995).
  • Spinetta and Los Socios del Desierto hold the record for the longest concert. The channel had to broadcast two editions: a standard one hour and a special one hour and a quarter (1997).
  • The Mexican band Fobia was the first to record an Unplugged without an audience, this due to the Covid-19 pandemic (2020).
  • The country with the most representatives so far is Mexico with 16 artists , followed by Argentina with 8 , while Colombia and Spain have 3 each .

The Fabulous Cadillacs (1994)

On May 5, the Argentines became the first to record an Unplugged in Spanish, although they had an electric format. His song Matador was recorded on the album "Lo mejor de MTV Unplugged".

Soda Stereo (1996)

Although it was a great presentation, the Argentine band had their completely electric session. Even so, one of the best moments occurred when Andrea Echeverri -from Aterciopelados- sang with Gustavo Cerati the song En la ciudad de la furia.

Aterciopelados (1997)

They were the first Colombians to record with this format. The presentation included several of his classics, in addition to adding his version of the song Play the game by Queen .

Mana (1999)

The successful Mexican group brought their best songs to this edition. The good vibes they emmit, plus the great participation of the guests, made this album one of the best sellers, as well as being the first to be released on DVD.

Shakira (1999)

The presentation of the Colombian was the first Spanish Unplugged to be broadcast on MTV in the United States. As if that weren't enough, it was the first album to win a Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album .

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La Ley (2001)

The Chilean band's concert was a resounding success. The album won a Latin Grammy, two MTV Latin America Awards and two Lo Nuestro Awards .

Alejandro Sanz (2001)

The Spaniard was fortunate to become the first artist from his country to participate in this format. His presentation was based on his versatility when playing various instruments, as well as having the particularity of letting those present sing on more than one occasion.

Diego Torres (2004)

The first MTV Latin America Unplugged to be recorded outside the United States was done by him, in his native Buenos Aires. It had Julieta Venegas, Vicentico and La Chilinguita as guests.

Ricky Martin (2006)

So far he is the only Puerto Rican to record an Unplugged. His concert included new versions of several of his songs and had the participation of a large number of guests such as La Mari and Tommy Torres. The album won two Latin Grammys and the Lo Nuestro Award for Best Album .

Julieta Venegas (2008)

The spectacular presentation of the Mexican woman generated excellent reviews, as she demonstrated her talent by playing various instruments. In addition, it was the first Unplugged recorded in Mexico and had La Mala Rodríguez and Natalia Lafourcade among its guests.