Discrimination against Shakira, Colombian soccer awards and other sports news

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Banner against Shakira and Rafael Santos Borré

These were the most relevant entertainment news of this week. Photos: TW-Guardiolismo1_, IG-rafaelsantosborre

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Radical PSG fans attacked Shakira

Some PSG Ultras committed an act of sexism against the singer Shakira. On Sunday, several of them posted banners with offensive messages towards the Colombian singer.

For example, one of these posters read "Shakira à la Jonquera", referring to a brothel on the border between Spain and France.

PSG was categorical in condemning these misogynist actions, judging these messages as "ridiculous" and saying that they are completely "out of place" in its institution. This, framed in the match between PSG and Barcelona (where Gerard Piqué, Shakira's partner, pays) for the Champions League, which finally left the French team as the winner of the key where Piqué did not play because he was injured.


NBA player suspended for use of racial slur

Miami Heat center Meyers Leonard was suspended by his team after a video was discovered in which the player used an anti-Semitic slur while playing a live video game.

Leonard apologized for the use of the word, insisting that he “did not know what it meant.” The Miami Heat commented in a press release that the player “will spend time away from the team ” while the NBA investigates the matter.


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Largest signing bonus NFL contract ever signed

It is the contract of Quarterback Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys. The previous one is an arrangement of 160 million dollars for four years with the organization. The unique thing about this contract is the Prescott signing bonus, that is, the guaranteed money that is given to the player whether or not he stays with the team. In this case, it is the highest in history, worth 66 million dollars. Without a doubt, a juicy contract that puts a lot of pressure on Prescott.


A Colombian, among the best soccer forwards in Latin America

Rafael Santos Borré was chosen for the Best Eleven of the Americas by the renowned newspaper El País of Uruguay in a vote in which more than 400 sports journalists participate. The River Plate forward was key to the success of his team that reached the semifinal of the 2020 Copa Libertadores.

Similarly, his coach Marcelo Gallardo was chosen as the best coach in the region. It is the third consecutive time that Gallardo has received this recognition.

Prizes were also awarded to the best soccer players and teams from each country. In the case of Colombia, The award for the best team was won by América de Cali and the award for best player was obtained by Duván Vergara , star forward of this team.