Sasha Calle, a Supergirl with Colombian roots

The young actress will put on the superhero's costume in the movie The Flash.

Sasha Calle and Supergirl cartoon

The next bet that will take to the big screen DC will be The Flash, whose story aims to interweave the so-called multiverse. Photos: IG-sashacalle, DC Comics

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We live in a time when superhero movies have become more relevant among movie fans, since it is no secret that these types of productions are totally attractive for children, adolescents and even adults. Although the Marvel cinematic universe is the one that gets all the attention, the DC Comics universe is putting together a very interesting project to start competing once and for all against its nemesis. That is why they have prioritized talent over name recognition to choose the next Supergirl: Sasha Calle.

The next bet that will take to the big screen DC will be The Flash , whose story aims to intertwine the so-called multiverse and where very possibly we will see the Batman of Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton. But that does not stop there, since another of the figures that will be in the film will be Kara Zor-El, Kal-El's cousin and better known as Supergirl. The film's director, Argentine Andy Muschietti, was one of the leaders who sought out the talented actress who could fit the character, something he achieved in a Sasha that exceeded expectations of more than 400 auditions in total.

«Vi más de cuatrocientas audiciones de Estados Unidos, Argentina, Brasil, México y Colombia. El talento a disposición fue verdaderamente increíble y fue muy difícil tomar una decisión, pero finalmente encontramos a una actriz cuyo destino era interpretar este papel». - Andy Muschietti para el medio Deadline.

The announcement was made through a video call with the actress. There, after a series of preliminary questions, Muschietti told her that she would be the one who will put on the Supergirl costume in the film that will be released in 2022. In fact, it is worth mentioning that Sasha had done the casting for an unknown role that is confirmed later, being able to pass several levels and even doing a camera test with Ezra Miller (Flash) to see if there was chemistry between the two. And if that were not enough, this will be the first time that this character will be played by a Latina, after Helen Slater starred in the 1984 film, Melissa Benoist in the television series in 2015 and Laura Vandervoort put on the cape in some Smallville episodes in 2011.

A promising acting career

On August 7, 1995, Sasha Marie Calle was born in Boston, Massachusetts, the daughter of Colombian parents who migrated to the United States. However, when she was 10 years old, she returned to Colombia with his mother after the divorce of his parents, although for a short time, since two years later they returned again to restart their lives. In this new stage, Sasha began studying Performing Arts at the American Academy of Music and Drama in Los Angeles. From there, the artistic talents of that young woman began to bear their first fruits in the film industry.

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Her first appearance was on television with the 2017 series Socially Awkward , where she starred for five episodes. Since then she had brief roles in some shorts that helped her to show the talent that she was gradually developing. It was precisely thanks to that that in 2018 she reached one of the most recognized telenovelas in the United States: The Young and the Restless . There she plays Lola Rosales, a successful chef and businesswoman who has had to go through - and overcome - endless adverse situations.

By 2020, and thanks to her remarkable work on the CBS series, Sasha was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Young Performer in a Drama Series. Likewise, it should be noted that this young woman is not only dedicated to acting, as she also has musical gifts to play the guitar, the piano, as well as sing and compose songs. A true Supergirl, without a doubt!