Revelations and disappointments, this is how the Premier League goes

With 2 months until the end of the season, this is how the Premier League is shaping up.

Manchester City players and Liverpool FC players.

We bring you a balance of the teams that have surprised us and those that have disappointed us this season. Photos: IG-mancity, IG-liverpoolfc

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It seems that this Premier League season has been eternal, largely because the coronavirus has forced us to adopt a slower pace of life, but also because many games have been canceled by it.

In any case, given that this season is only a couple of months away, we wanted to take stock of the teams that have surprised us and those that have disappointed us.


Manchester City

Everyone knew that Manchester City was a team with potential but no one expected them to be so dominant this season. City won 21 games in a row from November 28, 2020, to March 7 of this year, when United ended their streak. Of those 21 games, 15 were Premier. As of press time, they are 4 wins away from surpassing their record from last year (26), and with 9 matches remaining, it is highly likely that they will. They are currently at the top of the standings with a very comfortable lead over Manchester United.

West Ham United

One of the most unexpected improvements in the Premier League has been that of West Ham United, which went from 16th in the standings in 2020 to 5th at press time. With 14 games won in 2021, they have already far exceeded their 10 wins in 2020.

West Ham is one of the teams that has improved the most after the pandemic. Covid-19 pre-quarantine had 1.21 goals per game and conceded 1.72 goals. After the quarantine they have managed 1.56 goals per game, only conceding 1.19.

Much of the success of this team is due to the defensive aerial strength of Tomas Soucek, who at the end of this edition leads all the players in the league in aerial duels won with 160.


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Perhaps one of the biggest disappointments is the current champion's position in the current standings. Although they are in sixth place, this does not tell the full story of Liverpool's bad season.

From December 2020 to the beginning of March Liverpool lasted 8 games without winning at home, An unprecedented statistic in the history of the team, they have had a couple of good games lately, but it is undeniable that the dominance of the team that we saw in 2020 is not going to be repeated this time.

Sheffield United

But without a doubt, the biggest disappointment of 2021 has been Sheffield United. They went from an honorable ninth place in the standings in 2020 to last this year, with only 4 games won so far this season.

But that is not the most surprising. During the first 25 games they played this season, Sheffield did not score a goal in 13 of them.

It is true that the injuries of their key players have affected them, but even so, it is impressive how low they have fallen.

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