Elevation, the new Stephen King novel that will hit theaters

The project is in charge of Jack Bender, who has already made other adaptations of the writer.

Stephen King at ComicCon

On this occasion, the turn for a film version will be the book published in 2018 Elevation. Photo: Flirck-penguin k

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Whether you are a fan of reading or movies, we all know that Stephen King is one of the most popular and fantastic authors of the modern age. In fact, while you are reading this article surely dozens of projects based on his work are being developed, whether for film or television. These releases are also often very exciting. On this occasion, the turn for a film version will be for the 2018 book Elevation.

The mind behind this whole plan is Jack Bender, who already has vast experience when it comes to adaptations of Stephen King, having shared credits as an executive producer on the series Under The Dome, The Outsider and Mr. Mercedes, he is also planning to make a miniseries on The Institute. It is worth noting that the director, for now, is adjusting some details to King's work to bring the project to life.

«Stephen es muy generoso con eso cuando funciona. Recientemente adapté un libro suyo llamado Elevation, que vamos a convertir en una película. Inventé algunas cosas, agregué otras, y estaba nervioso porque él nunca había leído nada de lo que yo había escrito, solo dirigido y producido. No hace falta decir que estaba nervioso por eso, pero a él le encantó. Es muy amable y sabe que cuando hacemos una serie de televisión se van a quitar y añadir cosas. Así es como esto funciona». - Jack Bender para el medio web Cinemablend.

If there is something that makes Elevation an interesting book and different from the rest, it is its length, since it is one of the shortest that King has written so far. For those who are familiar with his work, the writer is known for writing stories of between 500 and 600 pages, however, his 2018 novel only has 150. Given this, Bender has chosen to expand the material a little more for its adaptation to the big screen.

As for the plot, the story takes place in the same place as other works such as The Dead Zone, Cujo or Needful Things: Castle Rock. The protagonist, Scott Carey, suffers from a very strange problem: no matter what he does, he continues to lose weight; But what makes his condition more incomprehensible is that even putting on heavy clothing doesn't seem to have any effect. Added to this medical oddity is a controversy in which he is involved, as his next-door neighbors, a lesbian couple, try to keep their restaurant afloat in the city despite the fact that their efforts are hampered by certain fans who do not look favorably on homosexuals.

So far there are no more details regarding this film adaptation. Even the script itself would only need King's approval to delve further into development and subsequent production. In fact, what inspired Bender to adapt this book was the brand of social optimism that its author was able to capture. “It is a wonderful story. It is one of those little gems, and I felt it from the first time I read it » , explained the director.

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One more to the extensive list

While there is an exact number of how many adaptations of Stephen King's works have reached film and television, the truth of the matter is that that number will increase when you least expect it. The American writer is a specialist in the genres of mystery, horror, supernatural, science fiction and fantasy, something that has inspired many directors to develop their projects.

Taking advantage of the fact that Elevation will be the next book to hit theaters, here we present you 10 titles by Stephen King that gave something to talk about on the big screen.

Carrie (1976)

The Shining (1980)

The Dead Zone (1983)

Cujo (1983)

Pet Cemetery (1989)

Misery (1990)

The Shawshank Redemption(1994)

The Green Mile(1999)

The Mist (2007)

It (2017)