Godzilla vs Kong: the movie that ends the MonsterVerse in an awesome way

The final showdown between the two giant beasts has everything fans wanted: action, spectacle, and emotional moments.

Frame from the movie 'Godzilla vs. Kong '

This confrontation had been going on for two films and the film exceeded the expectations of the public. Photo: YT-Warner Bros. Pictures

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Godzilla vs Kong is one of the movie events of the year. This final confrontation between two beasts that represent a very large part of pop culture has long been anticipated, which is why this final film had viewers waiting to see who would be the winner.

In fact, on social media, users spoke out in favor of one of the two monsters. The hashtags #TeamKong or #TeamGodzilla generated a debate among people who, with certain arguments or opinions, supported one of the two protagonists of this film directed by Adam Wingard.

Considering that it is the 36th film in the Godzilla franchise and the 12th in King Kong, it was hoped that the production could honor the cinematic legacy that they carried behind their backs. The truth is that they not only met expectations but also exceeded them. Let's see why.

Godzilla vs. Kong

This confrontation had been going on for two films. We are talking about Godzilla: King of Monsters (2019) and Kong: Skull Island (2017), belonging to the MonsterVerse from Legendary Entertainment. With a cast led by Alexander Skarsgård, Millie Bobby Brown, and Rebecca Hall, this production generates a fight for the survival of humanity, where one of the two monsters would triumph, while the other would end up defeated.

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However, nobody cares too much about the drama of the human characters, although it is true that a certain depth in those plots was missed. Anyway, expectations were placed on the final duel between the two giant monsters. Each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

When both monsters fight, we feel that the tension is on the surface. This is because there is a huge amount of editing work, both video, and sound, that makes each blow and each wound can be perceived. Additionally, the CGI animations have been polished to the point where it appears that the scenarios are absolutely real and that the destruction of Earth could well happen at any moment.

It is precisely that third act of battle that captivates fans. For Engadget, all the action scenes are extensive from the duration, but they also include surprises to give it an incredible rhythm and that will leave all the spectators stressed.

For example, the change from real scenarios to a special fantasy one, where all “real” credibility is lost, does not mean a step backward, but quite the opposite: it serves to make viewers marvel at the possibilities offered by the genre and that here end up reaching their climax. That is, even in its experimentations, this film manages to captivate the audience with its enormous narrative rhythm and well-used fan service.

Something similar happened in the Avengers movies, where, when they culminated with the most important plots, they chose to put aside the verisimilitude to offer the fans fights and scenes that condense all the hype of the fans. They understood the same in Godzilla vs Kong because sometimes the fantasy is played to give more emotion to the fighting.

Godzilla vs Kong cares, mainly, to meet the demand of the fans, who expected an epic confrontation, where both beasts demonstrate the maximum potential of their powers. No matter which monster you support, you will find that the final product is brilliant and will be part of the most important part of the giant monster genre.


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