Best Latino future stars in Major Leagues

These eight baseball players will be in the spotlight during the 2021 MLB season .

Wander Franco, Miguel Amaya and Heliot Ramos

By 2021 it is estimated that several prospects will end up taking some spots of attention, something that is already common in these scenarios. Photos: IG-w_franco_4, TW-mamaya_9, TW-HeliotRamos

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The best baseball in the world has already shout playball and again 30 teams will come out ready to give their all to reach the World Series. It will be six months where the Major Leagues will monopolize the day-to-day news thanks to a large number of players who are called to be the protagonists with their respective teams. In fact, by 2021, it is estimated that several prospects will end up taking some spots of attention, something that is already common in these scenarios.

As some of you know, every year the MLB publishes a list of the 100 best prospects to consider . It is worth noting that many of them reach a very high level, regardless of whether their club is among the last in the table or among the favorites to reach the postseason. In addition, members of this roster must be eligible for the Rookie of the Year award. And how do they apply? Well, they must not have exceeded 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched, nor have they accumulated more than 45 days of service on a team's active roster .

Wander Franco (Tampa Bay Rays)

Franco received the bonus for earning more than any international amateur during the 2017-18 period, when the Rays signed him for nearly $ 4 million . The 20-year-old Dominican shortstop is characterized by his compact strength and, furthermore, by being an above-average running back. During Spring Training, Tampa Bay put him to work on all bases in order to create greater versatility for him in the future.

Francisco Álvarez (New York Mets)

The Venezuelan emerged as one of the best young catchers in the minors in 2019 , this after leaving good numbers in the Appalachian League of rookies at just 17 years old. Álvarez impressed more than one during Mets camp where he demonstrated his physical gifts and great leadership skills. He is viewed by New Yorkers as a prospect who will stay behind the plate for the long haul , with the potential to become an undisputed starter.

Miguel Amaya (Chicago Cubs)

The 22-year-old Panamanian catcher is one of the highest-rated prospects by the Chicago Cubs. In 2019, he was the youngest hitter to stand out during the Carolina Class A League . The following year, he was at the Cubs training center improving his defensive qualities. To this day, he projects himself as a baseball player who can average between 15 and 20 home runs per season .

Randy Arozarena (Tampa Bay Rays)

The most "veteran" on the list emerged as one of the bst hitters in the majors down the stretch of the 2020 season and during the postseason, where he hit seven home runs in 23 games . The 26-year-old Cuban is a great base running back and a magnificent center fielder, so Tampa Bay has not hesitated to put him on its roster for this 2021 and thus give him the consistency he has been looking for for a long time.

Julio Rodríguez (Seattle Mariners)

A wrist fracture during the Mariners' summer camp in 2020 was not an impediment for Rodríguez to continue delighting friends and strangers. This 20-year-old Dominican has all the skills to become one of the most powerful hitters in the Major Leagues, but that does not stop there, as he has also shown his powerful arm and ability to cover any area of the outfield. The Mariners know they have a promising Latino superstar in their ranks.

Heliot Ramos (San Francisco Giants)

The 21-year-old Puerto Rican knew how to take advantage of his solid performances on the exhibition circuit to position himself among the best in the Draft in 2017. Offensively, he is a young man who has power over hits and who knows how to maintain the patience to better handle pitches. His speed and good arm make him one of the most promising outfielders in the Major Leagues. Without a doubt, a great success from San Francisco.

Keibert Ruiz (Los Angeles Dodgers)

Although he stalled a bit for two seasons in Double-A, the Venezuelan has managed to come across as one of the best minor league hitters . His bat control and focus have allowed him to drop his strikeout percentage to just 7% , and he has shown great power on both sides of the plate. The 22-year-old catcher has all the tools to be a solid defender, and the Dodgers put him on their roster of 40 for a reason.

Jasson Domínguez (New York Yankees)

It is the most publicized and developed international prospectus today. The Yankees signed this 18-year-old Dominican for almost $ 5 million for all the potential he has been showing: an ambidextrous hitter with tremendous bat speed and strength , a good base runner, a powerful arm, and great ability to cover ground in the field gardens. Will it be worth the wait for him?