When soccer connects siblings, regardless of gender

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We present five cases where brothers and sisters have made this sport their profession .

Oscar and Ariadna Mingueza

We present five cases where brother and sister have found a common passion in soccer. Photo: IG-arimingue

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Many must agree that soccer is more than just a sport. Going to a stadium, watching a game on television or even playing with your friends or siblings make this discipline something magical, unique and that knows how to create a bond like no other. That passion can be born alone or passed from generation to generation. No matter what the case is, soccer connects us all.

The world is round like a ball, and all lovers of this sport know that. We have already seen cases where parents, children and siblings have come to share a field, either in the same club or as rivals. But that magic goes much further. People talk and highlight men's soccer and put women's aside, despite the fact that it also has stars worthy of admiration . It is there when we see how proud a family can feel to see that both son and daughter have become professional players.

Regardless of nationality, age, or position on the pitch, here are five cases where brother and sister have found a common passion in soccer that connects them even more. Unmissable stories!

Andrés and Catalina Usme

The municipality of Marinilla, in Antioquia, has two illustrious brothers and sons who, until recently, were close to reaching glory in the Women's Copa Libertadores with América de Cali. Like many families in Colombia, the Usme are characterized by being 100% soccer fans, to the point that Catalina, the youngest of three, ended up becoming a professional soccer player .

The 31-year-old forward is an icon of Colombian women's soccer and the historic scorer for the National Team. Her innate talent with the ball has led her to win three local championships and a gold medal at the Pan American Games . For his part, Andrés has only served as part of the coach staff of América de Cali (the same club as Catalina) since 2017. In fact, in 2019 he assumed the technical direction and won the league title from the hand of his sister.

Jerónimo and Lucía Rodríguez

These 21-year-old twins, played for the first time simultaneously in Mexican soccer and will represent the male and female team of the Pumas UNAM . The Rodríguez siblings, who started soccer training in the first categories of the club, also share their position on the field: left back. And, while Lucía arrived from the Rayadas de Monterrey after playing the final of the 2020 women's tournament, Jerónimo made his debut in Liga MX in 2019 .

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Óscar and Ariadna Mingueza

A similar case to the previous one happens with these Catalan siblings who make life in FC Barcelona. In fact, they are the pair of brothers in Barça history and Spanish soccer to play at the same time in the men's and women's teams . Both have gone through all the training categories of the club; The 21-year-old defender made his Champions League debut against Dinamo Kiev in November 2020, while the 17-year-old midfielder did the same in the league against Santa Teresa last March.

George and Charlyn Corral

It is the most popular brother-sister bond in Mexico's soccer. It should be noted that both are contemporaries, as George is 30 years old and Charlyn 29 . Even so, the trajectory of the female forward has been much more noticeable and full of recognition than that of the male defender.

George, on the one hand, has defended the colors of four Mexican clubs: América, Chiapas, Querétaro and Puebla , where he currently plays. In addition, in 2015 he debuted with the National Team in a friendly match. In turn, Charlyn made her professional debut in Finland (2014), but made a name for herself by arriving in Spain and becoming one of Levante's scorers for four seasons before landing at Atlético de Madrid in 2019 . With El Tri she played three U-20 World Cups and two with the Absolute.

Kevin, Dylan, Maylis and Shadya Gissi

How likely is it that a soccer player has two boys and two girls and that all four play professional soccer? Well, for the Argentine Oscar Gissi, it is very likely. His kids, who were born in Switzerland, are currently living in Argentine soccer and are one of the most incredible cases of this sport .

Dylan, the oldest, made his professional debut with Estudiantes de La Plata and has had a career in different clubs in Argentina, as well as at Montpellier in France. Currently, the defender plays with Patronato. Next on the list is Kevin -forward-, who, unlike his brother, had experience in modest teams in Switzerland, Spain, Latvia, Italy and Uruguay , before arriving at Deportivo Morón of the Argentine Primera B.

As for the girls, fortune has put them to play together on several occasions. Both started at Independiente in 2015 , although Maylis went to San Lorenzo the following year. In 2017 they moved to Spain to play in L'Estartit and later in Oceja, Second Division clubs. To this day, Maylis is a forward in Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata while Shadya is a defender in Defensa y Justicia.