Imagine Dragons, a highly anticipated musical return

The American band is reuniting after taking a break at the end of 2019.

Imagine Dragons band photo

In a 2021 where the music industry has looked for ways to reinvent itself due to the pandemic, the rock band made the hearts of its fans beat again by announcing its return. Photo: IG-imaginedragons

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"We're trying to take time out right now just to reconnect with family and friends. We were on tour for a decade in a row. So all of us want to rediscover what it means to be a father, friend or son." With these words from vocalist Dan Reynolds, Imagine Dragons closed a stage that was full of hits and great songs. However, in 2021 where the music industry has sought ways to reinvent itself due to the pandemic, the rock band made the hearts of its fans beat again by announcing its return.

Since last March, on the group's Instagram account they have been leaving some clues of what was to come: two new topics. This is how Follow You and Cutthroat had a meteoric rise on the different digital platforms, where they also had their respective video lyrics to accompany the sound that has characterized them since their inception. Likewise, they also pointed out that their next studio album is closer than many think.

Regarding the themes of the two songs, each one is independent, has its own style and meaning. On the one hand, Follow You goes more towards loyalty and love, as Reynolds explained on his social networks. "Loving someone is an incredibly imperfect process. It's not always romantic or pretty. Sometimes it can be incredibly painful. I wrote this song because I wanted it to represent realistic love. One in which love is not perfect, but endures."

Regarding Cutthroat, he explained that he is the antithesis of the album, both from the point of view of sound and thematic. "It is an exorcism of self-pity. An examination of my life, discovering that I have great luck, and trying to get rid of doubts and self-hatred. Be grateful for everything I have. I've been overwhelmed. Killing the part of me that spends its days lamenting over things that have no real meaning or value. "

The story behind Follow You

As a sign that they started the year with their batteries recharged, the band wasted no time in releasing the official Follow You video, which features actors Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson. The clip shows the couple at the Venetian Theater in Las Vegas, where Kaitlin has a private concert for Rob from her favorite band. As Imagine Dragons interpret the song, they both begin to have different fantasies about them.

But beyond the sounds, that melody that invites you to rock, and a video full of humor, the song hides a magnificent personal story of Reynolds that he decided to share with his followers through a short video. The vocalist and his wife, Aja Volkman, were not having a good time, to the point that they were close to divorce. However, one message changed everything.

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"Have you ever received a message that has changed your life? My wife and I had not spoken for seven months. I was driving to the law office to sign the divorce papers when I received a message that turned my way around. see things. She told me that she did not need to be my owner to love me, that she loved me without expectations. We left the lawyers and went to eat. It was like a first date again. We canceled the divorce and then this guy came along. " Reynolds points out as his wife and son appear spontaneously in the video.

"I wrote this song after receiving that message," concludes the vocalist's message of hope regarding the new song. Without a doubt, Imagine Dragons have managed to start their return in the best way, not only with good songs, great sounds, and high expectations but also with real stories that soften hearts and connect us with our most human side. 2021 promises to be a magical year for these dragons.