In the spotlight: the new female voices of Latin American pop

We present you the musical proposals of these five artists who are already sounding loud .

RPLK and Florencia Nuñez

These are some of the Latin artists who arrive with new musical proposals. Photos: YT-RPLK, YT-Florencia Nuñez

LatinAmerican Post | Theoscar Mogollón González

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If we are sure of something, it is that the music does not have an expiration date. Pop is one of the genres that year after year continues to reinvent itself throughout the planet, bringing with it new sounds and artists that give it their personal touch. In Latin America, specifically, there are many interesting things happening in this alternative scene, such as the emergence of more female voices seeking to bring their respective projects to world recognition.

That is why for this occasion we want to present you five new musical proposals, where the girls are the protagonists with their pop . From Mexico and Costa Rica , through Venezuela and Ecuador , to finally reach Uruguay , these sounds will remain in your mind from now on.


The solo project by Mexican composer Verónica González is called RPLK, which is pronounced "replica". Artistically born in mid-2020, the talented artist has designed a unique space to conduct her art through nostalgic pop, where synthesizers are the basis of her sound world. To date, González has released several singles, reaching more than 50 thousand plays on Spotify . For the second half of 2021 she aims to release her first EP, which promises to also have songs from R&B, Lo-fi and even reggaeton.


Originally from San José, Costa Rica, this singer whose real name is Gabriela Vargas started in music in 2019 . With several singles published since then, in Abbie's proposal we can find the danceable of pop combined with the push of Latin American indie rock. For this 2021 the artist hopes to continue filling her repertoire with music and a lot of audiovisual material, in addition to a possible tour of Mexico if conditions allow it .

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Claudia Prieto

The singer and songwriter is one of the many talents who continue to emigrate from Venezuela. Based in Miami, Claudia not only stands out for being one of the youngest singers in Latin American pop , but also stands out for her ability to compose romantic songs. Her performance with the guitar added to her great voice are a small sample of what she can create musically. For this year her goal is to continue innovating the genre with a fresh, acoustic sound, with creative, catchy lyrics and versatile concepts.


If there is something that characterizes this artist born in Ecuador, it is her versatility to sing in Spanglish. Fernanda Bertero is the name of the person behind the project that already has a debut album: Petróleo . In the music of Fiebre, musical genres such as pop, soul, R&B and dembow coexist, in addition to touching important themes around love, heartbreak and other aspects. Her goal for this year is more than defined: to be an icon of the authentic and that her music reaches different people so that it fills them with multiple feelings.

Florencia Nunez

The talented Uruguayan-born composer has quite an interesting journey. In 2011 she recorded her first EP and between 2014 and 2017 she released two albums as an author . To this we must add that last year she made her first album as a performer -third in total-, where she highlighted luminous pop with nods to indie and folk, a work that meant a challenge and growth in the vocal and musical. As if that were not enough, Florencia also produced and directed a documentary that will be released in Uruguayan territory this 2021 .