Revelations of electronic music in Spanish

In this edition we present six new artists who seek to transmit their messages through electronic music

Army of Skanks and Pixel by Stael

The new generation of Spanish-speaking artists has also joined this movement that little by little continues to conquer borders. Photos: YT-Army of Skanks, YT-Pixel by Stael

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For many, the lyrics are the most important factor in a song, but for others it is all about the melody . Regardless of preference, what is certain is that electronic music has the ability to connect people who do not even speak the same language, immersing them in an ocean of sensations due to its different and captivating sound mixes.

This genre currently has prominent figures in Europe and North America. However, the new generation of Spanish-speaking artists has also joined this movement that little by little continues to conquer borders . This time we will take a walk through Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Spain to check the energy of electronic music that also sounds strong in Spanish.

Army of Skanks

SugarMami and Cepillo Cuevas arrive directly from Mexico , a dynamic duo of DJs that has just emerged with their project where they combine two things that make people move: reggaeton and electronic. But that perreo that they refer to is not the typical one that is heard everywhere, but the one called kawaii , which is complemented with lyrics taken from Japanese culture.

Although they have already been seen at different parties in the Mexican capital, in addition to collaborating with other artists, for this 2021 they plan to release their debut EP with the Perreo Millennial record label. Its particular mix of sounds is capable of invading the track of any event.

Kai tak

Although René Andrade-Martina was born in Venezuela, he has already lived in Spain for several years . This music producer tells different stories through music inspired by genres such as ambient, IDM and techno, being a proposal that arises from a natural evolution of his work as a sound designer and composer of short films.

His infinite ability to create beats led him in 2020 to release two singles from his compilation called V0.005527 (alpha) . In fact, it was not until that year when he decided to promote his musical creations. Among his most current plans he has to publish his first albums, as well as to extend his wonderful repertoire accompanied by audiovisual material.

Asian Luxury

Four years after starting in the music industry, this trio of Argentines come recharged and re-powered with their second album, Ganbare . Composed of Andrés Serantes (synthesizers), Cristian García Laborde (drums) and Segundo Bercetche (synthesizers) , these guys are willing to give the best of themselves doing the best possible job, basically what that Japanese term that goes by the name of the disk.

Although in their first album they reflected a mixture of experimental sounds that go from calm to total hypnosis, for this occasion they decided to explore the borders of that instrumental electronics that borders between IDM, synthwave, retrowave and instrumental indie . 2021 promises to be full of hard work and good vibes from this "six-handed DJ."

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Diego Bobadilla's passion for music dates back since he was 13 years old, and now with his alter ego he has become another revelation of this genre in Mexico . If there is a defining point in his life, it was when he traveled to Austria, where he expanded his musical panorama and found how to create an interesting blend between his guitar and electronic sounds.

With the help of his brother, who taught him to handle mixing programs , he managed to publish his first single, Poverino, in 2020. This is a theme that transits between new wave, indie rock and French electronic music. His intention for this year is that people can connect with their emotions while dancing to the soundtracks that Moonvvater will be releasing.


Colombia is a happy country full of interesting sounds, which this DJ intends to bring to the whole world. And is that very few electronic music artists bet on Latin American rhythms in raves , so Cornetto is standing out above the rest with the guaracha in his mixes . In addition, if there is something that characterizes him, it is his ability not to miss an opportunity when it presents itself.

To date, the Colombian has published two albums on Spotify: Cornetazzos Vol 1 and 14 Cornetazzos Bailables . While the first includes songs by renowned artists such as J Balvin and Sebastián Yatra, the other is a compilation of Christmas themes with their electronic touch. In addition, for this 2021 Cornetto will publish his first completely original album (Neas, Don't Cry) with the participation of Steve Aoki.

Stael Pixel

They are a duo from Barcelona, Spain, characterized by electronic sounds inspired by glitches produced by the machines they use to compose and produce their music . These geniuses are capable of creating melodies with technological errors and system crashes, using them to produce songs that stand out for the beauty of imperfections.

In November of last year they presented their record debut, Nuevo Futurismo, in which they ironized the faulty future of the 21st century . Their electronic pop songs, as well as a tour where they plan to combine live music and immersive and interactive projections, will be just the beginning of a revolution in this genre.