Copa America: The Best and Worst of the First Round

With the first round of the Copa América almost over, we decided to review which were the best and worst teams .

Images of the matches of Brazil vs. Venezuela and Paraguay vs. Bolivia

The group stage of the Copa América will conclude tomorrow and we can already get an idea of which teams are dominant and which are easy points. Photo: YT-Copa América

LatinAmerican Post| Juan Manuel Londoño

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The group stage of the Copa América will conclude tomorrow and we can already get an idea of which teams are dominant and which are easy points . Here at Latinamerican Post we wanted to make a small list of the best (and worst) teams from the first phase.

From best to worst:


The locals have won 3 of their four group stage matches and have been absolutely dominant. They have only received one goal against (Colombia) and have scored 9 goals . Unbeaten thus far, they are expected to also win their last match against Ecuador, the 4th out 5 in their group.


Another team whose power is not surprising, the Argentines have won against Uruguay and Paraguay (narrowly) solidifying their position as the leaders of group A. Of course, the draw against Chile and the low volume of goals of this team makes us doubt their ability to run later in the tournament. We must not forget the albiceleste curse.


It seems strange to say it, but it is true: after Brazil, the top scorer in the Cup is the team from Paraguay . With 2 goals against Chile and 3 against Bolivia, the squad of this country is going through a great moment.

With their four games already played, Chile's results are quite mediocre . Two draws, one defeat and only one victory against Bolivia. They will enter the second phase of the tournament, but just barely.

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Despite being second in group B (for the moment), Colombia has given a gloomy performance. With a draw against Venezuela and defeats against Peru and Brazil, the coffee country only managed to accumulate 4 points in its 4 games . Uruguay, the penultimate of group A, has the same amount of points. The weak point of the Colombians is their lack of consistency. For every goal they score, they let themselves get 2. Of course, Luiz Díaz is a candidate for the best goal of the tournament so far with the following beauty:

Despite being third in group B, Peru has been conspicuous by its lack of defense . They have the most goals against of the entire championship with 7 , but remain in this position thanks to their decent offense.

At the bottom of Group A is Uruguay, who broke a 5-game winless streak, their victim?… Bolivia . The Celeste team has had better moments.


Although Venezuela is currently at the bottom of group B, Venezuelans have known how to defend themselves in this Cup with dignity despite significant casualties from COVID-19  (Eleven players!). With draws against Colombia and Ecuador, the Venezuelans have imposed themselves with dignity and height.


Unlike the vinotinto selection, the Ecuadorians have fewer excuses to justify their poor performance in this Cup . They have the same record so far: 1 loss and two draws. At least they managed a beautiful counterattack goal that you can see below:


Bolivia has lost all the games in which it has participated in a huge way. With only 1 goal in favor, they have 0 points in total. The only team that surpasses them in goals against is Peru, but at least the latter has a victory to show . Perhaps the saddest thing is that, so far, his only goal in the entire competition has been a penalty kick.

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