3 brands that show their support for the LGBTIQ+ Community

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These brands join the cause of the LGBTIQ+ collective.

A Converse brand shoe and model posing with Levi's clothing

The companies this month make heavy investments in advertising campaigns, with the purpose of increasing sales and publicizing the company and its Gay Friendly philosophy. Photos: IG-converse, IG-levis

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During Pride month many brands run campaigns to support the LGBTIQ + community. Advertising is one of the most accurate tools when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. The companies can reach all the public that they spread, both in general media and in specialized topics. In addition, you could constantly monitor the investment you make in advertising campaigns, in order to increase sales and publicize the company and its philosophy.

Social media as a starting point

According to the 2018 Annual Study of Social Networks carried out by the IAB, social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube play a very important role in generating market opportunities, analyzing the behavior of Internet users, where 8 of Every 10 users follow and interact on social networks about the brands they are interested in.

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Brands with true initiative in favor of LGBTI rights

Calvin Klein Global Pride 2021

Calvin Klein has launched its Global Pride 2021 campaign, which celebrates defining moments in queer and trans life. Aside from the campaign, the offers include the modern cotton bralette and boxer with the Calvin Klein logo, short t-shirts, sweatpants, and more. Additionally, it will continue to support multiple LGBTQIA + organizations, including ILGA World, Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, and National Pulse Memorial & Museum.


Converse Pride: 2021 Collection

Converse Pride celebrates the road to Pride with an eye-catching new collection, featuring customizable designs inspired by the stories of various LGBTQIA + All Stars. In addition, it is firmly committed to supporting movements that seek positive social change and giving a voice to young people who want to build the future in which they believe.


Levi´s Pride 2021

Levi's Pride focuses on a campaign to embrace different identities, inviting to look at people for who they are and with love. It is a proposal designed to give light to diversity, visibility, and inclusion, understanding that it is a way of showing respect and affection. In addition, it has defended equality, inclusion, and progress by integrating workers from different origins in its factories.