The best Loki memes to sit and wait for the next episode

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Loki, the Marvel villain, has been trending this week. We have not missed the opportunity to bring you the best memes on this series.


Have fun with this selection of Loki memes. Photo: IG-vitelo95

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Since June 9, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) have been able to follow the story of Loki, the famous villain, on the Disney Plus streaming service. This series has filled the void that may have been left by the finale of Wandavision, another hit for the franchise. This week, especially, Loki has been a trend, because in the third chapter his bisexuality was confirmed.

The character admits it: he says that there have been a few men and a few women in his past. This has made him win the sympathy of his fans and has made him celebrate it on the internet. So, once again, we bring you the best memes on this topic, let's laugh!


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