Check Out The 5 Most Popular Costumes For This Halloween

Whether because you don't want to repeat the costume or because you want to be fashionable, find out here about the most popular costumes for this Halloween 2023 .

Merlina, Barbie, Elements

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It is no secret that fashions and trends for Halloween vary every year, although there will always be the typical classic costumes (witch, ghost, catrina, vampire). Normally, film and television set many of these trends; Well, the kids will want to dress up as their favorite character from a series or movie.

This year has given us some good examples and characters that we will probably want to relive during this year's Halloween.

So, whether so that no one repeats your costume or to be fashionable with others, we invite you to read which are the most popular costumes for 2023.

Barbie and Ken

Without a doubt, the blockbuster of the summer was Greta Gerwig's film, Barbie . And this doll didn't come to life alone: she expanded its universe and gave us more characters. So if you don't want to be the stereotypical Barbie, there are many other characters from the movie that you can replicate with your costume. In addition to the barbies of different professions, you can dress up as Ken, the battered Barbie or Adam, Ken's friend.

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The little mermaid and her friends

Another fantastic release this year was Disney's live-action version of The Little Mermaid. This costume may be more complicated to make, but if the live action version of this story has shown anything, it is that anyone can represent it. Furthermore, as in the previous case, there are more characters to replicate: Sebastian, Flounder, Eric, Úrsula or King Triton. Sea animals and creatures can be good inspiration for a costume, plus it forces you to be creative about how you make it.


Although its success was more than last year, Merlina is a Halloween classic that has been modernized. The Netflix series inspired many to imitate this member of the Adams Family. In fact, the whole family is perfect to imitate them with a costume on Halloween. However, it is probably Merlina who is the most popular among the girls. You can imitate her dance at Halloween parties while you wait for the second season premiere.

Nature elements

This is probably the costume that requires the most creativity. This is another Disney hit: the animated film Elemental . This can serve as inspiration to dress up as the elements of nature with three other friends. They will have to create a costume that imitates the properties of each element: earth, air, fire and water. It's a good idea to have a plan before Halloween night.

Indiana Jones

Finally, another updated classic: Indiana Jones. This summer the last film in this saga was released, in which Harrison Ford appeared. This has revived the love of some for the world's most famous adventurer. So it's not too late to grab a hat and a whip and go to the Halloween party as the most beloved treasure hunter in cinema.

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