Latin America in Short: President of Haiti Was Assassinated and Rigoberto Urán Ascends In The Tour

The president of Haiti was assassinated, Rigoberto Urán promoted in the Tour de France, Sergio Ramos goes to PSG and more. The most relevant of the week explained here .

Jovelen Moïse and Rigoberto Urán

These were the most relevant news of this week. Photos: IG-jovenelmoise, IG-RigobertoUran

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It has been a busy week in terms of Latin American politics, the environment and sports. This is why, once again, we bring our weekly summary with the most relevant of the week: The president of Haiti was assassinated, Rigoberto Urán promoted in the Tour de France, Sergio Ramos goes to PSG and more.


Haitian president is assassinated by a group of armed men

In the early morning of July 7, an unknown group entered the personal residence of Jovenal Moïse, president of Haiti, and assassinated him. His wife was also injured in the incident. For now, the identity of the criminals and the causes of the event are unknown.

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The IACHR delivers to the Colombian Government a series of recommendations in respect for Human Rights

After the independent visit carried out by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the results are finally known. The IACHR published a series of recommendations to the Duque administration to ensure effective compliance with human rights. Among the measures are: separating the Police from the Ministry of Defense and the measure that only a criminal judge can dismiss an official elected by popular vote, among others.


China designates 25% of its territory for ecological conservation

Last Wednesday, July 7, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China announced that 25% of the land territory was designated for the protection of the environment. This consists of limiting human activities in these protected areas to avoid their destruction, take care of the environment and protect resources.

This project began more than a decade ago identifying the areas that most need this protection. Cui Shuhong, director of the Department of Nature Conservation and Ecology of the ministry, announced at a press conference that "red lines of ecological protection will be delineated and strictly monitored ... and we stop the various violations of the ecological environment that harm the vital interests of the people ".

Considering that China is one of the countries that generates the most pollution and highly dangerous emissions for the environment, this news is a beacon of hope.


Deforestation in Colombia grew by 8% in 2020

According to an official report from the Ministry of the Environment and the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies, the figures regarding deforestation in Colombia are alarming, as it grew by 8% last year. The figures show that the 158,894 hectares deforested in 2019, increased to 171,685 in 2020.

Despite this, the figure is the second lowest in the last five years. Likewise, many of the territories that have been historically affected by deforestation have changed trend in the first quarter of 2021, causing deforestation figures to decline.

The main causes of deforestation in Colombia are linked to little or no sustainable practices, such as cattle ranching, logging and illegal mining.


Rigoberto Urán climbed to second place in the Tour de France

After the eleventh stage of the Tour de France, the Colombian cyclist Rigoberto Urán managed to position himself in second place in the general classification. At the close of this edition. Although Pogačar continues to lead with a 5'18 ″ lead over Urán, the 34-year-old's chances are getting better and better. "It is taking risks at all times. You throw yourself away and as you know it is coming, you go". We are going second for the moment, there is a lot of stage left and we are going to continue riding it, "Rigoberto said in a post-stage interview. Rigo's compatriot, Nairo Quintana, is still the mountain leader.


Sergio Ramos to PSG

Veteran defender Sergio Ramos was signed by Paris Saint-Germain, France's most popular team. At 35, he comes to PSG as a free agent after fulfilling his contract with Real Madrid and not being able to renew it. Ramos asked for an extension of the link for two years, but the club only offered him one season. Ramos initially rejected the proposal, but when he wanted to accept it, it was no longer available. This being the case, PSG gave the award-winning footballer the two-year contract that he was denied at Madrid.