The Power of Celebrities at the Service of Good Causes

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There are times when celebrities use their media and financial power to help various charitable causes.

Dolly Parton receiving the vaccine

These are some celebrities who are recognized for their artistic work, but also for their activism. Photo: IG-dollyparton

LatinAmerican Post | Luis Ángel Hernández Liborio

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Generally, celebrities are known for their life full of luxury and excess in some cases. However, some also have the vocation to support different causes in the world: childhood, the environment, economic and social inequality, etc. Here we show you five celebrities who are recognized for their artistic work, but also for their activism.

Dolly Parton, tipping the scales in favor of science

Just as anti-vaccine celebrities who spread conspiracies about the pandemic have emerged, there are also others who trust science and who do their bit to end the disease. We refer specifically to the "queen of country", Dolly Parton, who in addition to being recognized for her music and her voice is also recognized for her support of different causes. On this occasion, the support was through financing for one of the vaccine projects that was finally approved in the United States: Moderna. It seems simple, but a year ago the development of vaccines generated distrust due to the speed with which they were being created, in that context Parton believed in the project and donated a million dollars. Once the vaccine was approved, the singer waited patiently for her turn, setting a great example, even modifying her song Jolene to invite people to get vaccinated, according to the New York Times.

Pink, amplifying the voice of women

The sport is changing. The first transgender woman participated in the recent Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and several athletes showed resistance to wearing uniforms that made them feel uncomfortable. Also, in the recent European handball championship, there was this resistance. The Norwegian women's team wore shorts instead of the regulation bikinis, which earned them a fine of almost $ 1,800. The singer Pink found out what happened and showed her support for the players, not only morally, but also offered to pay her fine as a protest against the European handball Federation, adding on Twitter: “The European handball federation must be fined for sexism. Good for you ladies." The matter was echoed by the federation, which in response stated that it would donate the fine money to an association that fights against sexism.

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Leonardo Dicaprio and his campaign in favor of the environment

The renowned American actor has been a fervent defender of the environment, has participated in all kinds of campaigns in favor of it, and has made numerous donations. Among them, we can highlight the one carried out in May 2021 to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador through its organization Re: Wild. The donation was $ 43 million dollars and the objective is to "repopulate the islands with pink iguanas, turtles, and nightingales," according to the actor's words published on his social networks. He also collaborates in other areas that do not necessarily have to do with the environment, last year he launched America's Food Fund together with Laurene Powell Jobs, Apple, Ford Foundation, and Oprah Winfrey with which almost $ 45 million dollars have been raised to finance organizations in charge of fighting hunger, especially in the difficult context that caused the pandemic, according to the Re: Wild page.

Keanu Reeves against mindless hoarding

The protagonist of The Matrix has a reputation for living simply, it is "easy" to see him on the streets as a mortal or using the subway, something rare among celebrities. He is also known for his numerous donations to all kinds of causes, from people with illnesses, financial difficulties, and different organizations. It is difficult to know precisely as most of these donations are made anonymously. Among the causes that the actor supports we can highlight cancer research since his sister had cancer in childhood and again as an adult, so it has been one of the biggest motivations for Reeves to worry about the issue. Matrix proceeds were donated to this cause reaching hospitals and research centers. He has also reiterated in interviews that his motivation in life is not money: "Money means nothing to me. I could live the next centuries with what I have already earned," he said, according to the newspaper La Vanguardia.

Angelina Jolie, her work for children

The famous actress has shown her concern for children in the world, she has directly acted in favor of it, through the adoption of children from different countries: Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. She has not limited herself to that, he also contributes frequently to organizations dedicated to children. During the pandemic, she contributed a million dollars to the No Kid Hungry organization, whose work is characterized by helping children around the world through food, medicine, and clothing. The actress highlighted on her Instagram that around one billion children around the world lost access to proper nutrition due to school closings due to the pandemic, as they depended on the food they were given in schools. Jolie is also an activist for refugees, working directly with the UN agency in charge.