"Sejodiotó" By Karol G And More Songs About Being Single

"Sejodiotó" By Karol G Is A Hymn To Being Single.

Still from the video clip 'Sejodiotó' by Karol G

We leave you five singles by female artists in Spanish and English that address the independence and empowerment of women. Photo: YT-Karol G

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In recent years, the irruption of women in music has been indisputable, and more and more women are opting to dabble in themes and songs that were formerly exclusively for men. From compositions that speak of female empowerment to those melodies that speak about the importance of loving oneself and not being obliged to be with a partner in order to live life to the fullest.

Karol G is one of the most important female artists in Latin America at the moment , breaking records in the new digital era through her foray into reggaeton and Latin trap, which have allowed her to tackle multiple songs of love, heartbreak, of relationships and ruptures that have earned him worldwide recognition.

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Recently, the artist released a single called "Sejodióto", where the Colombian has decided to put aside spite, inviting you to enjoy being single without remorse. 

That said, if you are one of those people who enjoys those songs that speak of singleness, here we leave you five singles by female artists in Spanish and English that address the independence and empowerment that every woman has in current times.

"22" by Taylor Swift

Considered at the time as "the most shameless pop song", in this single, Swift talks about what it means to be 22 years old, where people are still in constant learning, they think they know everything, but at the same time they consider they don't know anything. This also leads her to approach singleness from a positive point of view, understanding that there are different options to be able to be happy and that being single for her is not something unreasonable.

"Rockstar 101" by Rihanna

Inspired by different rock stars, this song is direct, impetuous and daring, and ends up being a true demonstration that you do not need to be with anyone to be in the best moment of your life. This song empowered women in 2009, when feminism was still not in the mainstream. 

"I'm single", by Thalía, Leslie Shaw and Farina

This collaboration that brings together Mexico, Colombia and Peru for its interpreters is a nod to a patriarchal society accustomed to the fact that women must always be waiting for them at home, changing that obsolete paradigm for one where women are free, full of dreams and that you can and should have a good time.

"New rules", by Dua Lipa

In new rules, the artist Dua Lipa establishes a catalog of actions to follow in order to overcome the one who was her last boyfriend, a relationship that did not end well and that therefore must be left in the past. To do this, she is committed to telling a story of overcoming a break, of what that entails and of female sisterhood, since she has a group of friends who support her at all times and who are basically the ones who end up helping her and advising her not to go back to her ex boyfriend.

"Let it not weigh you down", by Vega and Carla Morrison

A duet that was performed in 2013 by the Spanish singer-songwriter Vega and the Mexican Carla Morrison, the latter used to delighting her fans with heartbreaking, melancholic compositions that speak of heartbreak on many occasions. In this piece of music, the aim is to capture the story of a girl who has struggled to overcome her most recent breakup, but who knows she must do so in order to look forward. "It will not be easy, the memories weigh, but little by little you will get your nerve to return" is a fragment of a song that clearly speaks of those toxic relationships that were very long-lasting and are not always good.