The Most Memorable James Rodríguez Scandals

The Colombian footballer is once again in the eye of the hurricane after his most recent incident, this time in Qatar. The James Rodríguez scandals appear to be an integral part of his career.

James Rodríguez on his arrival at the Al Rayyan club

The Colombian attacker has a long list of scandals. Photo: IG-jamesrodriguez10

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The last years of James Rodríguez's football career have not been as positive as many had hoped. Who became one of the revelation players of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, continues to accumulate more scandals than goals, something that has added a new episode in Qatar, where he starred in a moment of tension due to the main referee.

Since arriving at Al-Rayyan, James had not had as many minutes to play as he was getting physically fit after missing out on England's Everton recently. However, his continuity was already beginning to strengthen when he had an incident during the match between his team against Al Arabi. The attacker was sent off after angrily protesting the referee for a rather controversial action.

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The meeting was characterized by rough play from the first minutes, a warning of what would happen even until the final moments. Just in the twilight of the game, James received a dangerous tackle that left him lying on the ground for a few seconds. But what came next was the real reason for his outrageous anger. The referee admonished two of the Colombian's teammates, including him, for the protests. Given this, he vehemently rebuked the referee who did not hesitate to get the other yellow card to later expel him.

After ranting at the referee for poor decisions, the Colombian attacker had an angry reaction that not even his teammates could control. In the end, he left the field of play ironically applauding the head judge, while the player who committed the infraction did not receive a warning. Was James right to react that way?

Other controversies

The talent of James Rodríguez with the ball is undeniable because for something he is considered one of the best footballers in Colombia. However, everything he builds with his loot ends up destroying with other actions. Since his arrival at Real Madrid, going through some episodes with the Colombian national team, and even in his last period with Everton, the Colombian attacker had a long list of scandals.

Bad fame in Madrid

His performance in the white club was not the only thing that James questioned since he arrived as that young promise. The most memorable chapter was the party organized by some players due to Cristiano Ronaldo's birthday, even after losing by a landslide to Atlético de Madrid. This event was animated by the singer Kevin Roldán, a close friend of the Colombian attacker who, of course, did not miss the appointment.

Likewise, another episode that can be mentioned during his stay in Madrid was the one where he was fined 10,400 euros by the police after driving his vehicle at more than 200 kilometers per hour on the highway. And it is that according to the Spanish press, the footballer ignored the orders of the officials and continued on his way to the Real Madrid Sports City in Valdedebas.

Love-hate relationship in the National Team

It is no secret to anyone that James is one of those players who loves to defend the national jersey at any cost. However, he has also experienced bitter moments, such as when he was called up for a double qualifying date in 2016 despite having physical problems, according to a diagnosis by Real Madrid doctors. In the end, the Colombian medical team ruled out his presence and sent him back to Europe, causing the footballer to be bothered by having "traveled for nothing."

Tied to this, prior to the Copa América 2021, the player was once again the center of attention when he pronounced himself for not being included in the final list of the national team. «I made it clear that I was here to play the Copa América. It was a decision of the coaching staff; I respect it, but I do not share it, because they disrespected me, "said James in a statement that drew hundreds of criticisms from the press and former players.

Party in Ibiza that did not please in England

James had not yet defined his future with Everton this season, but that was no excuse to spend a few days of "vacation" in Ibiza. The British newspaper The Sun published controversial images where the player was seen smoking on a yacht with friends and women. In addition to the fact that it was not the right time, it is worth mentioning that there were certain restrictions from the English government, so he would have had to quarantine when he returned and thus miss several league games. His attitude generated so much controversy among Everton fans that they called him irresponsible and lacking in professionalism.