Gallery: Countries That "Sell" Their Nationality

In various places in the world, you can obtain citizenship by investment, which would allow you to have the rights and duties of that country.

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These are some countries that allow you to nationalize if you invest a sum of money. Photo: Pixabay

LatinAmerican Post | Santiago Gómez Hernández

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Nationality is a complex term. In the international system, being a national of a country can grant or take away various benefits . For example, CNN en Español highlighted that in 2020 if you have a Japanese passport, you can travel to 191 destinations in the world without having to obtain any visa or paperwork. While at the other end of passports, Afghan nationals can only travel to 26 nations. 

Nationality also allows you to migrate more easily. For example, European citizens can emigrate with relative ease to any other country in the European Union and work legally.

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But, there are different ways to obtain the nationality of a country. The best known are the ius sanguinis and the ius solis, which translates to blood or soil. Nationalities by blood are those that can only be obtained if the father or mother is a national of that territory (almost all European countries), while ius solis gain nationality if they were born in the country while their parents stayed there. 

But there is also a little known (and not very affordable) way to obtain a passport from a country in which you do not live, were not born, or have ancestry. Through an investment. These are some countries that allow you to nationalize if you invest a sum of money.


For all these processes, the costs may vary in terms of the number of people within the family that applies to nationality and the minimum length of stay. But many of the islands do not even need the applicant or their family to set foot on land to obtain the benefits of their citizenship.