HBO Succession: Why do you Need to Watch this Acclaimed Series?

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Enter our post and learn about the HBO Succession, the award-winning production of Jesse Armstrong!.

Still from the series 'Succession'

Contrary to the series of action, violence and many murders, Succession enchants for being dramatic and monopolizing a quite controversial topic in real life: the succession of power in a family business. Photo: YT-HBO

LatinAmerican Post | Melina Menezes

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If you want to immerse yourself in a production to the point of entertaining yourself without looking your watch, we recommend that you choose Succession from HBO! In fact, the North American production focused on a family war has earned the preference of the public to the point of generating its renewal a few days after starting the third season.

Unlike the series of action, violence and many murders, Succession enchants for being dramatic and monopolizing a quite controversial topic in real life: the succession of power in a family business. However, we are not talking about a simple or small undertaking, but rather about the giant WayStar Royco, the fifth largest communication company globally. A very profitable empire that has become a magnet for profit and ambition.

In our LatinAmerican Post, you will get important information about the series that has gained prominence before its predecessor Game of Thrones. Therefore, we invite you to make yourself comfortable and spend a few minutes reading it. Do not stop!

What is it about?

Created by Jesse Armstrong, the acclaimed HBO series for TV and streaming has won audiences and critics alike since its first season, released in 2018.

During the first 10 episodes, we accompanied Logan Roy (Brian Cox) commanding WayStar Royco with iron hands , which has encouraged the New York-based company to rise to prominence on the world stage, thus generating the greed of its heirs. As time does not forgive, the patriarch's 80th birthday arrives and, with this, the moment of selecting one of his sons or daughter to take his place in the presidency of the company, seeing himself between: Kendall (Jeremy Strong), the intelligent son and ambitious; Roman (Kieran Culkin), the cynical and irreverent of the brood; Shioban (Sarah Snook) with her elegant and sagacious feminine golden; and the firstborn, dreamy and out of the curve, Connor (Alan Ruck) .

This is how a competition is created between the brothers for power to the point of promoting malicious and unscrupulous postures, including, often, the characters get their hands dirty to deliver the expected results to the father.

Amid endless discussions, unpronounceable secrets, money, and intense ambition, we see members of a declining family resort to sarcasm to get their way and ultimately rise to the top position in the company. All this under a competitive landscape spiced with many political strategies, acid humor, lack of therapy and the sensual touch of Shiv. What a family chaos in favor of disasters and ridiculous situations!

On the soundtrack, the melody by Nicholas Brittell (Vice) invites us to walk around the board of the Succession series with the aim of trying to discover which of Mr. Roy's little heirs is the best suited to take his place today and it is normal that with each new episode we change our minds, especially because we start a love-hate relationship with each character as a result of the oscillations in their behaviors and behaviors.

As you can see, Succession exudes mystery and a series of at least questionable situations about the behavior of its central characters. But, don't be fooled! Beyond presenting an excellent cast of actors in the axis of the plot, the production has equally interesting elements that help to dissipate the pressure between the protagonists -at least partially- such as Marcia (Hiam Abbass), Connor's wife; Greg (Nicholas Braun), a distant cousin, and Tom (Matthew Macfadyen), Shiv's boyfriend.

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Is the Succession series worth watching?

It is not for nothing that Succession has positioned itself as the powerful successor to the spooky and epic Game of Thrones. Even the successful mix between a magnetic script, first-rate cast and the cold atmosphere have earned him awards such as the Golden Globe for Best Drama Series and Best Actor for its protagonist, Brian Cox. Likewise, the second season has won 7 Emmy Awards in 2020, making it the most awarded series of the year, plus a reason to watch it.

Succession centralizes the defects in the business world: greed, thirst for power, lack of scruples and limits, that is, a conglomeration of negative factors that, added to its moments of acid comedy, generate paradoxical feelings in those who follow it. Perhaps, that combination, far from being politically correct and in a way, so familiar, is what turns us on as spectators and makes us angry, laugh and excite as if we were part of that dysfunctional family.

Throughout the first two seasons, we saw a successful family, giving rise to a group of people with the same blood who are linked under the dictates of psychoanalytic theory. To check this, just pay attention to the relationship of the patriarch with his clan, relationships have different tones. However, in all of them Logan Ray acts as the center of attention, manifesting an arrogant air typical of someone who always prioritized business over family.

In the third season, at least in the first episodes, we have seen the continuation of these truncated relationships, full of secrets, as well as the intense rivalry between the children of the Roy family. So the tension is heightened and the comic moments that accompanied the stories are no longer so frequent.

Everything indicates that the next chapters of the Succession series, one of the best North American television productions of recent times, will be filled with suspense and controversy. In the end, who will remove the threats and give the checkmate?