What To Do on the Shortest Day of the Year

Many Latin American countries celebrate this day with enthusiasm in different ways. In each ancestral culture, the light is renewed as a symbol of the extension of the darkness of winter.

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Historically, the solstices together with the equinoxes lead to marking the change of all seasons. However, some experts implement temperature records to officially section the stations. The information revealed by the National Astronomical Observatory (OAN) not only shows the shortest day of the year but is also noticeable in the northern hemisphere.

An article recently published in National Geographic magazine by Michael Greshko reveals that at two different periods of the year, the Earth's axis registers its maximum inclination. For this reason, when the northern hemisphere has the summer solstice, in the southern hemisphere comes the winter solstice (approximately falls every year on June 21). Also, when the southern hemisphere has the summer solstice, the northern hemisphere is the winter solstice (this event occurs on Tuesday, December 21 at 15:59 UTC).

On the other hand, experts consider presiding over the annual seasons to be the most significant role played by the Earth's axial tilt. Even on Earth and on other planets in the solar system this axial inclination varies a few degrees, therefore, the seasonal difference is considerable.

Latin American Countries Celebrating the Winter Solstice in 2021

Many Latin American countries celebrate this day with fervor in different ways, in each ancestral culture the light is renewed as a symbol of the extension of the darkness of winter. For this reason, several Latin American countries commemorate the light of the Sun God.

-Colombia: The Inca and Andean rituals were called "Wawa Inti Raymi" which means Festival of the Sun Child.

-Bolivia: Formerly, the celebration was called "Aymara New Year". However, it is also called "Inti Raymi."

-México: The Mayan Indians of Tulum generated openings in the upper area of the buildings built to make an effect in the interior sector when the Sun of the winter or summer solstice aligned.

-Ecuador: In Ecuador, there is a celebration called "Intiwatana" every year in Otavalo.

-Guatemala: In Guatemala, the ritual of the "Dance of the Flyers" is celebrated.


Rituals: The Key Moment To Celebrate the Winter Solstice

The energy of the winter solstice can influence your positive way of seeing the world and can favor you in all the projections of changes and goals that you may have. In addition, with these actions, you will be able to evoke a divine spirituality and open paths of prosperity, be sure to implement them for the purification of your home.

1. The beginning of every ceremony is to clean your home: Cleaning the house expels bad energies and increases good vibes not only for you but also for your loved ones and friends. Keeping it neat takes work, but you'll certainly appreciate it.

2. Lighting scented candles or implementing essential oils: The written candles are a symbol that you want to burn everything you feel that does not let you move forward. Also, the aroma permeates your house with various smells that will make you relaxed and good with yourself.

3. No ritual is complete, without the big meal: Like all rituals, it is not complete without food. Be sure to have on the table different dishes to share snacks, such as fruits, nuts, almonds, healthy desserts, among others.

4. Practice mindfulness or yoga, with incension: Any relaxation method you implement is good. Be sure to add the incension and some soft music to warm up. It is important to keep in mind that this positive energy is absorbed by your home.

5. Burn your desires: This is one of the traditions that some countries carry out, to burn old experiences and say goodbye to the Sun. Just like bringing new desires with a warm welcome to the new sun.

The idea is that every year the rituals guarantee a pleasant ceremony in the company of your friends and family. Enjoy the great show!

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