Fun Podcasts To Learn How To Save the Planet!

The Woman Post brings you an inspiring list of podcasts that will show you how to reduce your negative impact on the environment while having fun!.

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If you are wondering if small changes in your routine can make a difference for the future of our planet, you have come to the right place.

From the circular economy to small changes you can make at home, to shopping tips to detect fast fashion, these podcasts will finally help you be part of the change that our planet demands. So if you were following COP26 on TV or in the news, and are concerned with north countries paying their climate debts or with the acceleration of decarbonization, you will find ways to play your part in reducing climate impact!

1. Sustainable Jungle

Did you know that several shampoo brands contain toxic chemicals that we should all avoid? or do you know how to make your bathroom and kitchen plastic-free? Can you tell the difference between vegan and cruelty-free?  Do you often feel like you are tossing all plastics into recycling bins without really knowing if they can be recycled? Did you know that most bath suits are not biodegradable? Sustainable Jungle will answer all of these questions, besides teaching you how to avoid fast fashion!

2. Sustainable(ish)

If you are one of those people that thinks "I'm too small to make a difference," Jen Gale will change your mindset. Even though we are all aware that the ecological crisis is too big and it is easy to feel insignificant and overwhelmed, Gale will teach you everyday tips for green parenting, low carbon gardening, crap-free Christmas gift buying, or how to throw away foil scraps for the recycling center to find them. You will even find insightful tips for being sustainable with a new baby!


3. Practical(ly) Zero Waste

Have you heard about the “no shampoo method”?  If you haven’t? You will also be surprised to find out that just by mending your clothes and extending their lives for 9 months, you can reduce your water footprint by 30%! You will also find inspiration from kids taking environmental action and some great tips for becoming vegan! Overall, this Canadian Podcast will help you adopt daily routines that are earth-friendly!

4. Sustainable Minimalists Pod

Stephanie Marie Seferian, author of the book "Sustainable Minimalism" will teach you how to live a slow and intentional life, while learning not to buy smart stuff you don’t need, or even teaching you that spending time with children is much more important than spending money on them. Did you know that a 30-day shopping ban retrains your mind to desire less? Well, Stephanie explains to her audience that owning less stuff is easier than organizing more!  The podcast is an exquisite blend between minimalism and environmentalism. Look for it, and the Woman Post guarantees you will not regret it!

So if you are aware of how much the world needs all o us to act soon on environmental issues, take the first step by listening to these podcasts to understand how you can make a difference too!

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