What Latin American Films Have The Best Chance Of Being Nominated For The Oscars?

What will be the Latin American films with the highest chances of being nominated for the Oscars? Here we tell you all the information you need to know.

Frame from the film 'Memoria'

There are several films that could be included in the final list, which will be released on February 8. Here we tell you which ones have the best chance of achieving it. Photo: YT-Neon

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We are near the end of the year, and with this, the next Oscar Awards are approaching. This 2021 was very different from 2022 since there have been more premieres in theaters, due to the reopening processes after the global vaccination against COVID-19. This implies a greater number of productions to consider for these awards.

In this case, 93 films have been announced that will compete for the Oscar 2022 for Best International Film. This figure is identical to that of the last two years, which shows the enormous advance of this industry throughout the planet. Now, what is the case with Latin America?

There are several films that could be included in the final list, which will be released on February 8. Here we tell you which ones have the best chance of achieving it.

"El prófugo" (Argentina)

The Fugitive is a film directed by Natalia Meta and starring Érica Rivas, which has many merits to be considered in the final list of these Oscars. It is a production based on the novel "El mal menor", by CE Feiling, although it takes its licenses to make some modifications.

The highlight is the mix of genres since it is a film that transitions between psychological thriller, horror, musical and romantic comedy. The story is about a woman who sings in a professional choir and, at the same time, dubs class B movies. When she goes on a trip to Mexico, she falls asleep and everything begins to become mysterious.

We will learn how the protagonist is disturbed by everything that happens to her, to the point of not being able to differentiate the real from the dreamlike.

"Memoria" (Colombia)

Another one that has received great criticism, as The Guardian rated it 5 stars and was able to premiere at the prestigious Cannes festival, where it also won the jury award. Directed by the Thai Apichatpong Weerasethakul, it has a cast led by the renowned Tilda Swinton.

This is an experience different from all the others, because, in addition to a great visual setting, there is excellent sound work. The sounds influence the viewers, to the point that the film manages to perfectly condense different elements of science fiction.

The story is about an orchid farmer who suddenly begins to hear a very particular sound. Without a doubt, she is one of the serious candidates not only to classify but also to take the statuette.

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"La teoría de los vidrios rotos" (Uruguay)

Awarded at the Granado Film Festival, this film, directed by Diego Fernández, is an Uruguayan comedy suitable for all audiences. In this case, we know a border city, which is supposedly too quiet until mysterious events begin to happen.

The film makes every effort to avoid a dramatic focus, as car fires have occurred in this town. On the other hand, its director gives it a comic touch, since the whole film revolves around the mixture between the police and the humorous, with a very personal touch by the director.

"Noche de fuego" (Mexico)

Finally, a great story comes from Mexico. With a successful presentation at Cannes, this film, written and directed by Tatiana Huezo, is based on the novel "Prayers for the Stolen" by Jennifer Clement.

We are presented with a Mexico that is plagued by different crimes, which allows us to reflect on the different faces of society's problems. More specifically, about the law of the jungle, which is nothing other than the possibility of living or killing.