Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears: Does the Family War Continue?

After being released from guardianship months ago, Britney Spears is once again having a family confrontation. This is the timeline of Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears' feud.


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Once the strenuous days of trial were over where the legal guardianship that controlled her life was annulled, Britney Spears seemed headed to enjoy full freedom full of that tranquility she had been looking for years. However, that small moment of peace was overshadowed at the beginning of the year when her younger sister, Jamie Lynn, gave some statements that made the family war of the Spears continue without a truce in sight.

For those who do not know her, Jamie Lynn focused her artistic career on acting, and although she remained in the shadow of Britney, she achieved her fame by starring in a youth series on Nickelodeon. To this day, the youngest of the Spears is promoting her autobiography entitled "Things I Should Have Said", of which some comments arose in an interview for the Good Morning America program that bothered Britney.

"When guardianship started, I was 17 and about to have a baby, I didn't understand what was going on, so I focused on my situation" - Jamie Lynn Spears on Good Morning America.

"You can reach out as many times as you need to, but it was Britney who had to take the plunge," Jamie Lynn told reporter Juju Chang on the show. And it is that between the controversies of her life and her version of the facts about what happened with Britney, the actress confessed an alleged episode where the singer would have locked her in a room threatening her with a knife.

Likewise, Jamie Lynn also assured that since she was little she always felt admiration for her older sister, to the point of considering her as a second mother. However, this relationship deteriorated over time due to Britney's "erratic", "paranoid" and "out of control" behavior. But despite all that, the youngest of the Spears affirmed that she always stood by her sister's side when all the media pressure of legal guardianship began.

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Britney's harsh response

For some time now, Britney Spears has insisted that no one can imagine the damage her parents and siblings have done to her. "May God have mercy on the soul of my relatives if one day I decide to grant an interview," he commented weeks before Jamie Lynn appeared on the program that triggered the family war again. And it is that after the statements of her younger sister, the singer did not hesitate to vent on her social networks.

"Please, stop those lies for Hollywood books. Only scum would make up those things about someone. (...) Congratulations on teaching your older sister the concept of falling low, the lowest of the lowest, because there You've won" - Britney Spears on her Twitter account.

Faced with this new family coup, Britney once again drew attention commenting on the hell she had to go through. "All of them have had the opportunity to do and deceive me, and I always sat down and accepted it. They ruined my dreams and try to make me look like the crazy one in this story. My family loves to destroy me," the singer wrote before sentencing with a "I hope your book goes well, Jamie Lynn."

Reconciliation in sight?

The continuous responses between Britney and Jamie Lynn continued days later, although this time a little more calm. The singer, in a somewhat conciliatory tone, said: "We are supposed to be each other's support, but what you say confuses me. (...) You say you love me, but your loyalty is still on the side of the people who have hurt me the most.” In addition to this, Britney made it clear to her younger sister that she loves her and admires her for her strength.

Everything seems to indicate that the storm passed and the waters have calmed between the Spears sisters, for now. After that last message, Jamie Lynn uploaded a Storie on her Instagram asking Britney to call her, who had tried to talk to her several times without being able to. The truth of the matter is that this penultimate family episode closed with a message from Martin Luther King published by Jamie: "Hate cannot end hate, only love can." Will this war be able to achieve the desired peace?