Colombia: Most controversial proposals of the presidential candidates

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These are the most controversial and criticized proposals of the presidential candidates in Colombia

Gustavo Petro, Juan Manuel Galán and Óscar Iván Zuluaga

Photos: TW-gustavopetro, TW-juanmanuelgalan, TW-OIZuluaga


LatinAmerican Post | Santiago Gómez Hernández

During the current electoral period, the positions and ideas of the candidates for the presidency of Colombia have taken over the coverage of the media and the speeches and debates. The great absentees have been the concrete proposals. For that reason, many Colombians are still waiting for them.

However, some candidates have already explained some of their ideas on how to change the Colombian reality and develop their government plans.These are some of the proposals that the presidential candidates in Colombia have mentioned at some point in their campaign.

On March 13, Colombians will renew the entire Congress and, in addition, they will elect 3 presidential candidates who come out of internal consultations. This only predicts a greater battle for the presidency, where more concrete proposals are heard and not too many speeches.

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